March 12, 2016

Guest Promo (CXXXVII) #Eggcerpt Exchange Kim Cox

                                                        Get Out or Die

Since the news of her first case, Lana Malloy’s Private Investigating/Mediator business is booming. At one pro-bono job, Lana helps a widow communicate with her late husband and learns of a frightening new ability she wasn’t aware she possessed-an ability that could give the spirit the upper hand if she’s not careful. Lana struggles for control when she encounters the angry ghost who doesn’t want to leave and who doesn’t want the occupants of the house to stay.

Will Lana be able to control the situation or will the ghost sense he can overtake her? Does she have other abilities she can rely on to save her?


She could hardly wait to see Tony tonight and tell him about her new gift, and to get his thoughts on it. Maybe he could help her figure out a way to manage it. She’d always known the possibility of being inhabited was there, but it didn’t make the intrusion any less startling or easier to accept, and she’d thought all she would’ve had to do was will the spirit to leave her and it would. She hadn’t realized the lack of control that followed Mario’s possession of her.

Refolding the bills, Angelina shoved them into her apron pocket. “I don’t know how I can ever repay you.”

“Just be happy as your husband requested. That’s payment enough.”

A tear escaped Angelina’s eyes. Lana touched the woman’s cheek just before walking through the open door. “Take care of yourself, little Mario and of Rodriquez.”

“I will, Senorita,” Angelina said, waving.

As Lana walked outside into the late afternoon sun, a swish of wind whipped her hair into a frenzy around her face and a few of the fallen leaves into a whirlwind around her feet. She hopped around them and slid into the seat of her aunt’s old 1965 Mustang while wondering if that was Mario making an exit, satisfied his mission was accomplished. Although, she still felt badly treated by Mario, she did understand why he did what he did. She just wished he’d asked first.

Lana brushed her wind-beaten hair from her face and drove off, content to have helped one more person communicate with a loved one.

This case would definitely be easier than the next. She’d talked with the clients over the phone. They were beside themselves with fear, but still refused to leave their estate, even for a short time. It seemed their ghostly inhabitant wanted them out and not next week, but now. Lana hoped her new gift wasn’t available to this one. Maybe Tony could help her figure out how to block it unless she wanted to use it. It had taken her by surprise. More surprises, she didn’t need.

From what she could gather from her preliminary research of the estate and family, the house dated back to the Revolutionary War days, and the last occupant was Adam O’Kelly—a direct descendant of the Irish Lieutenant Jamie O’Kelly from the war. General Washington himself awarded the house to the Lieutenant for his valor during battle. The question was which descendant inhabited the house—Jamie, Adam or one of the others in-between? More documents awaited Lana tonight. She didn’t want to face an angry ghost without being fully prepared.

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Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with her chain saw artist husband, their West Highland White Terriers--Scooter and Harley, and a Yorkie mix, Candi. Kim is published in novels, short stories and articles. 

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  1. Thank you, Carmen, for having as a guest on your blog today. I would also like to tell your followers that they have an option to received GET OUT OR DIE free at

    1. Most welcome, Kim!
      whenever you need a promo, don't hesitate to ask. we'll settle something on my blog I'm sure.

  2. What a frightening situation to be in-- inhabited or possessed. Best of luck to Kim, and how generous-- I see the download message.

    1. Thank you, Flossie! This is the second book in the series. Book 1, Haunted Hearts is also FREE at Amazon. So far, there are 4 books published and 2, perhaps 3 more coming in the future.

    2. Thank you for checking the tour, Flossie!
      As you can see there are also further pleasant surprises, besides the new authors posted and their books.

    3. Thanks for letting me know that, Kim. Got it. Great tour indeed, Carmen.