August 18, 2013

Book Reviews (V)

Book Review:
Follow the White Pebbles by Lillian Summers

Book Description:   

Lizzie Wilburn is a riot. She is loud-mouthed, strong-minded and tough, as eighteen years surviving in the scum of Southside Jamaica’s ghettos have taught her. She is also outrageously wealthy. But the latter is news to her, as she wakes up on a hospital bed after a hit and run accident. Incidentally, she gets stuck with a pair of filthy-rich, infuriatingly haughty parents. To make things even worse, they force their ‘lowlife’ daughter to marry the son of another business magnate.

Lizzie’s new husband, Justin Winters, is handsome and as tempting as the most wicked of sins, but a serial womanizer whose only interest in his wife is limited to her business empire. Bound by a pre-nuptial agreement to remain faithful to his spouse, Justin tries every possible trick to go back to his playboy lifestyle. Lizzie, in turn, wants him badly, if only she could get him to even spare her a glance, let alone to come anywhere near her. Will any of them succeed in their quest?


A fast page turner that kept me glued to the pages. A touching story that runs on high octane fuel.

Lillian Summer's story is the kind of book you want to have with you when the blizzard howls outside, or the rain beats obstinately on your window sill. A book that gives you a warm, comforting feeling.

Arthur and Madeline Wilburn can't stop wondering what happened to their beloved daughter, Elisabeth, kidnapped eighteen years ago, when she was only one week old.  The unexpected news she was found turns their world upside down, as the young woman they welcome back is far from what they have ever imagined. I won't go into any further details because I really do hate spoilers. There are some amazing parts of this story that are worth reading, quoting and enjoying. I really liked the main characters as well. Lizz is the kind of person that is quirky enough for you to not get bored with and innocent and likable enough that you want to see her succeed.

I fell in love with Elisabeth and was enthralled by her fate. This modern Cinderella's destiny will win you to her side. I would have kicked Justin from here to the moon. And Madeleine, Lizz's mother, is the perfect embodiment of what a mother should be - caring, loving, and ready for the final sacrifice for her child's well being.

Mrs. Summer created a brilliant story in which she proves that, not only can she create excellent characters, but she can also lead them along a very well written and original story.
Follow the White Pebbles is emotionally charged and I felt every single moment. I wholeheartedly recommend this novel and I look forward to reading more works from this author. In my opinion it is a great story, worth sharing worldwide. I would have given it more than five stars but it's not possible. So, five stars!

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