September 20, 2013

Book Reviews (XIV)

Book review: The Cost of Revenge by Dorothy A. Bell
I'd like to congratulate  the talented author Dorothy A. Bell for her upcoming release: "The Cost of Revenge!"
Book Blurb:
Quinn O’Bannon knows it’s time he settled down. He has two likely candidates, both sensible, attractive, young women. However, his fantasies keep straying to Tru McAdam, that thieving, sloe-eyed vixen with the grudge against the whole darn O’Bannon family.

Tru McAdam wants to believe the O’Bannons, all of them are rotten, heartless cheats. God help her, most of all she wants to believe the handsome, arrogant flirt Quinn O’Bannon is the worst of the lot.

When destiny shuffles the cards, strange pairs show up in the hand. Who can fight destiny, not the handsome, flirtatious Quinn O’Bannon, not the thieving, sloe-eyed vixen, Tru McAdam.


Dorothy Bell has done it again! I loved this author's story and characters in The Reprobate and was happy to have the opportunity to read The Cost of Revenge that takes the story further. It can be read without problem, as a standalone book. But you'll miss a god story and the insight. The first chapter of The Cost of Revenge helps you recall, through Quinn's thoughts, the essence of what happened with the main characters.

You meet Royce again - now happily married to his beautiful goddess, Cleantha. Doing well, making a go of hauling quarried rock and railroad ties for the O.R. and N.

And you meet Quinn - dealing with customers and managing the mercantile, considered by the young unmarried ladies as one of the handsomest bachelors here, in Laura Creek.

Will he win the hand of Miss Rosemary Gilliam or of her friend, Miss Dora Lee Price? Will he fall prey to the wild, untamed sloe-eyed vixen Tru McAdam, an Indian girl, a half-breed who considers that a no good son-of-a-bitch by the name of Stanley O’Bannon cheated her father out of his farm and is responsible of her family's tragedy?
Even kindhearted Wren considers Tru a young woman full of pride and misdirected wrath. She’s stubborn, and angry, and pigheaded.
Both Stanley and Tru look for revenge. Whose vendetta will be successful? Will other people become collateral victims in their confrontation?

Ms. Dorothy Bell wrote this book in a very precise manner. Giving details when it's needed but never giving the whole plot in one go.

With fabulous development of the characters and setting, this is one read that is sure to pull you in and keep you turning the pages until the very end. It will hold you captive from page one until the last page. I commend the author, Dorothy Bell, for writing a wonderful, compelling story. I commend her for her storytelling skills. She balances drama and action deftly, and leaves you wondering "what next"?

I loved all her characters, with their good parts and their faults and all. I am happy I found Dorothy Bell and all her writing grandeur. It's hard to turn the last page of her books without a satisfied smile on your face. I highly recommend it.

Disclosure. I received an ARC of the book in exchange for an honest opinion.

My rating: Five  Shining Stars. 


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