February 17, 2016

Guest Promo (CXXI) #Eggcerpt Exchange Jacquie Biggar

                         The Rebel’s Redemption
                          by  Jacquie Biggar


When an old enemy follows and causes mayhem in the small town of Tidal Falls, can Jared Martin overcome the odds to protect the woman he’s always loved and the child he never knew, or will it be too late for redemption? Annie Campbell has a good life for her and her young son in the mountain town of Tidal Falls. She’s dating the sheriff, owns a successful business, and has the support of the community.

So why isn’t it quite enough?

Jared Martin left Tidal Falls a hotheaded youth, and now, after eight years in the military, he returns a bitter, disillusioned man.

Then he finds out he’s a father.

When an old enemy follows and causes mayhem in the small town, can Jared overcome the odds to protect the woman he’s always loved and the child he never knew, or will it be too late?

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What's your favorite down-home family style meal?

 I love cooking a pot roast with roasted potatoes, onions, turnips, carrots, and maybe Yorkshire pudding.

Who is your "book boyfriend" (that hottie you read about and drool over)? 

At the moment it’s Jim Heron from J.R. Ward’s Fallen Angel series. He’s trying to save the world one soul at a time in a deadly game against his arch enemy Devina. If you haven’t tried them yet, you should. Awesome series.

What's your favorite hashtag to watch on Twitter? 

That’s easy, #1lineWed @KissOfDeath There’s a different topic each Wednesday where you’re welcome to post a line from a WIP. No buy links.

Describe the perfect vacation. 

I’m living it. We recently moved to Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada. It’s amazing. Ocean, mountains, ancient Cedars, friendly people, and a relaxed lifestyle, it doesn’t get much better.

When you read for pleasure, what kind of books do you choose?

 I love romance of any kind. My favorites are military style romantic suspense.

Author Bio

From the time Jacquie was twelve years old, she knew she wanted to be a writer. That year she wrote a short story called Count Daffodil after spending countless hours searching for ideas. The story garnered Jacquie an A and was read aloud through the school's loudspeaker system. Needless to say, after that she was hooked.

Jacquie grew up, got married, raised a family and left her writing urges to simmer in the background unattended. 

She owned and operated a successful diner in her hometown for a number of wonderful years before deciding to live her dream of becoming an author.

Jacquie's first book, Tidal Falls, a romantic suspense novel about second chances, released September of 2014.
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  1. This story sounds jam packed with intensity and emotion. Best of luck with it! The place in Canada must be so beautiful. I can almost smell the cedars from here.

  2. I enjoyed the interview and I think this looks like a great book. My TBR keeps growing.

    1. Such tours give us the opportunity to find new books and meet their "parents". Thank you for checking the tour, Daisy!

  3. Great interview ... and i love the cover!


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