May 25, 2016

Guest Promo (CXLIX) Cami Skiba Cover Reveal

I am glad to host today an author who lives in the USA, but who has roots here, in Romania. Camelia Miron Skiba shares with us the new cover of one of her delightful stories
A World apart. Let's hear what Cami wants to tell us:

As promised since beginning of this month I have a $ 25.00 giveaway going on for anyone stopping by to see the new cover. All you have to do is leave a comment here with what retailer you'd prefer the gift card from.

For a limited time A WORLD APART is up for grabs for only .99cents. Hurry up before the sales ends!

                                 And now . . . drumroll please!

AWA-FINAL small cover 1200dpi


Trauma surgeon Lieutenant Cassandra Toma begins her deployment at the Joint-Unit Air Base on the wrong foot. On her first day, she clashes with her new commander. Her rebellious nature and sassiness rival her excellent performance in the operating room. It might be the only reason she’s not reprimanded … or is it?

Major David Hunt is unsure how to handle the brilliant and beautiful Cassandra. As her commander, he can’t consider a relationship. A forbidden passion consumes them with the intensity of an erupting volcano, leaving her heartbroken and him with tarnished honor and pride as an officer. The only way out for David is disappearing into the dangerous warzone in Iraq.

When their paths cross again, Cassandra and David find they have a common goal—to find Cassandra’s brother, Maj. Robert Toma, kidnapped by insurgents while on patrol. To rescue him, they must put aside their resentments and fight their common enemy. And the fire between them is back.

Cassandra wants to give David—and their love—another chance. But she doesn’t know that his mistake, his secret, could cost them both the love they’ve finally found.


  1. A very bold and intense cover, so eye-catching. I like it so much better than the original. And the blurb sounds intriguing, too. Congrats on the beautiful new cover and thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I'm an Amazon gal :)

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Mae! You're so very right, the new one is catchy. The winner of the gift card will be announced this Friday May 27 on my website :)

    2. I am totally with you, Mae. Cami did a great job changing the cover.
      Thank you for checking the post and best of luck in the Giveaway!