June 1, 2016

Wednesday Writing Wisdom (48) Edith Wharton

  "What's the use of making mysteries? It only makes people want to nose 'em out."

Edith Wharton

(January 1862 - August 1937)
  Fun facts:


Her friendship with renowned writer Henry Jones guided her through her writing career.

An avid gardener all her life, she designed elaborate gardens for her houses, first at The Mount and later at her houses in France. A niece, Beatrix Farrand, later became a famous landscape architect.  

She is also known for writing horror stories involving ghosts and other paranormal activities.

In 1923, Edith Wharton received an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from Yale University, the first woman to be honored in this way at Yale. 


  1. Her picture is lovely, and I remember enjoying several of her books, although it has been long years now. How instructive that she also found satisfaction in gardening.

    1. A frail, talented lady. I also read a couple of her books, but like you it was eons ago.

  2. Bravo for her on all of her accomplishments. I've never ready any of her work but I really should. I'm sure I would find it intriguing.

  3. She's more dear to me as she wrote ghost stories! I admit I had no idea about them until I prepared this post.

  4. Those are the ones I want to add to my TBR :)


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