August 1, 2016

Writing Tips (XVI) Where to submit your work


                Approachable Literary Journals


All of the literary journals in this list accept at around half of what is submitted to them. So the odds of your work being accepted just went up.
These are not the most prestigious journals, publication in them will in all likelihood not change your writing life in any way, but they are not a bad place to start if you are new to submitting or writing.
Make sure you read the guidelines before submitting to know if your work fits.The list is in no particular order.

The Plum Tree Tavern

They only publish poetry about nature and ecology. They publish a little under half of the work they receive. 
Story Shack
An online journal devoted to publishing illustrated flash fiction. They publish over 60% of what is submitted. You can learn more here

Fifty Word Stories
As their name suggests they publish only fifty word stories. They read submissions every month between the 1st and the 15th. They publish over 50% of what is submitted to them. Learn more here

Dead Snakes
This online poetry journal publishes almost 80% of submissions. To learn more visit there website here

Down in The Dirt
Down in the Dirt is published as a perfect-bound 6″x9″ paperback book. They publish fiction and poetry. They have an acceptance rate of 70%. Learn more about submitting here

Eskimo Pie
If you are a poet who really hates rejection, submit to this online literary journal. They accept almost 100% of what is submitted. They only publish poetry.  Submit here

Page & Spine
Page & Spine is an online literary journal that focuses on publishing the work of emerging authors. They accept poems, limericks, micro flash fiction (under 150 words), flash fiction (up to 1,000 words), short stories, articles, essays, and poems. They accept aproximetly half of the work they receive. Learn more here 

The Horror Zine
An online journal of horror short fiction and dark poetry. They accept 50% of what is submitted to them. Learn more here


  1. Great info, Carmen. I wasn't familiar with these publications, but it sounds like they are open to submissions. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I also haven't heard about them until lately, but, hopefully they will be useful to someone.

  2. These were also new to me, Carmen. You are a generous and helpful person to other writers. Thank you!

    1. I know how difficult it is nowadays to put your foot in the door of a publisher, if I may speak like that, so I want to help other people fulfill their dream of getting published.