October 19, 2014

Mysterious Romania (VI) Official Hush-Hush on Hallucinatory Discovery

Part One
Şurianu Mountains, (regional Şureanu), situated in the Alba county, an area interesting both to sports lovers and to paranormal fans. They belong to Romania's Parâng range in the Southern Carpathians. Nowadays it is the newest ski area in the country with beautiful slopes surrounded by wild, breathtaking scenery.

Sureanu  holds secrets

Well, I’m not going to speak about skiing but about an intriguing event, a controversial discovery, that led to many hush-hush actions. During the 90s, the Ministry of Public Works decided to conduct some research in the Orastie Mountains. A vast archaeological project. Some people say that the aim was to  establish, more accurately, the origins of the Romanians within the Carpathian system and also for a better understanding of the fortification  and living system of the people at that time. There are, in fact, two versions of what led to a great discovery and as great  a cover up of it.
Hallucinatory discovery
In fact, people say, that all begins with a simple archaeological site on the slope of the mountains. The diggings have just begun when a  young worker dislodged some boulders that started falling over him. Hearing the man’s cry the archeologist leading the research ran to him. The man was safe but the dislodged rocks revealed an entrance to an underground room.
 Cave secret
 Both men entered the cave and discovered  a ventilation area that lead to a passage. Enlarging the passage they reached another room, so tall that they could walk easily along it. Beautiful glittering came from the ceiling, the professor taking it to be crystals or flakes of Mica, a mineral. Walking ahead, the two men reached a vertical wall with an opening in it. Through the opening they heard a sound like a remote thunder. The feeling of powerful energy coming through that opening was so frightening that the professor had no courage to advance further. He decided to study the room they were in, using the lantern he had with him. The place was extremely clean. No speck of dust or  no pebbles. They advanced along another ramification of the tunnel. They were already at about three hundred meters away from the entrance and thirty meters deep. The descent was mild and they went five hundred meters deeper. They reached a kind of crossroads and followed the larger tunnel. 
 Gold patterned walls
Going closer to the wall the archaeologist studied it. To his bewilderment,  he discovered the wall was made of massive gold. The same was valid for the ceiling. He asked the young man to pinch him as he imagined he was dreaming. The tunnel went slowly to the left and they advanced some hundred meters more and saw a bluish light that seemed to flow from the ground. The further they walked the powerful the light became. The archaeologist also noticed something he’d never seen or knew existed on Terra: the run of gold had an unusual form. It is known that, esoterically,  massive gold deposits are to be found in areas where people's spirituality reached a high level. And here we have a whole mountain of gold.It was something that nobody could imagine. The archeologist remembered he had with him his old camera and took several pictures.
 Mysterious inscription
Another thing they saw there was a  kind of writing on something looking like the Egyptian papyrus. Thousands of unknown letters and signs. The writing was analyzed both in Romania and three famous universities in the world. It seems the writing said :
KR – IO; SAL-MOS, AICI ESTE VESNIC, LUMILE SE IMPREUNA. The Italic words are in the most pure Romanian language ( here is forever, the worlds come together). The translation offered by a French institute for the first part seems to be "I am Cronos”, "I am the Time". Another part of the text was older than this  I displayed here, and couldn’t be translated. As if more people belonging to different times added words to it. The bewildering inscription that was translated  is around  three thousand years.The question remains, how old was the part that couldn't be translated?
Strange planet kidnaps worker
Anyway, the professor and the boy reached a place with a large table surrounded by seven high thrones. All made of gold. Behind the larger throne, at the head of the table, they found a space with the form of an ellipse.  Throwing a glance through it, it was as if they looked to another planet through the porthole of a spaceship. Only that it was no porthole, no window. It was like looking in a  deep well. Getting to the edge of the ellipse the professor had a dizzy spell and retreated not before catching sight of an awesome view. A distant planet with formations looking like those on Terra seen from the Moon.  The planet  had a combination of blue light and shades of yellow and orange. He also noticed  a kind of funnel getting up to the place they were accompanied by increasing light.  The professor got scared and stepped back. After he recovered from the spell of dizziness he saw the digger, who had accompanied him, on the brink of the ellipse and stepping inside. The radiance decreased little by little.while the funnel went to that odd planet carrying with it the man. Then the funnel started coming back towards the professor, the brightness increasing again.
To Be Continued


  1. Wow, how very interesting, Carmen. I don't think I would have been brave enough to go exploring in that cavern and can't begin to imagine what I would have done if I'd come upon a discovery like the one the archaeologist and his assistant unearthed! Scary indeed! It certainly makes you wonder about all of the "hush-hush" things that are in the world.

    1. I am of the same opinion, regarding searching the place.
      Anyway, there's more to come in Part 2. I was amazed, too, reading all the info on this subject.

  2. Oh my stars, how fascinating. I have heard nothing about this.What does Sureanu mean? I notice the last three letters, Anu, can refer to an intergalactic group. How wonderful of you to share this. Looking forward to part 2.

  3. It seems that the name Surianu/Sureanu has a close connection with a local, Gaete-Scythian god: Shaoreoro [ʃaoreoro]. Romanian is a phonetic language. Words are pronounced as they are written. But we have some more letters that do not exist in English:Ș,Ț,Â,Î. This god’s name was found on some tablets discovered in Alba county, where Surianu Mountains is located. These tablets date back to 5500-5000 î.e.n.
    As about the connection with intergalactic groups. . . I don't know. Everything is possible. I'm preparing more posts on other more astonishing things linked to the Carpathian Mountains. Stay tuned!

  4. I looked up Anu to refresh my memory, and in Sumerian myth he is one of the oldest of the Sumerian gods. I love the Scythian link. In my book Time Singer, the tribe the hero is from, the Fomorians, links to the Scythians. Much of their art and symbols are the same, and it is thought the Fomorians came from the central European region. I will definitely stay tuned!

    1. Interesting! And more and more I tend to think that what we call legends and myths may be the real mankind history.