June 22, 2015

Guest promo (XCVI) Medieval Monday


Today is the last post in the Medieval Monday Spring tour. A tour that has brought to the readers' attention  new authors and their  captivating books.  
                          Bambi Lynn 
                                   and her God of the highlands,  
                                           are my guests.

Camulus Vass wants a simple life, absent the power and responsibility that can consume a man. But being laird of a clan as large as the Munro does not offer such luxury. Always under the domineering heel of his uncle, Cam has allowed himself to become a pawn. But the arrival of a mysterious newcomer awakens a beast within him that will not be tamed.
Màili has been given the task of rooting out the spawn of an ancient god. It’s the only way to take her revenge against the man who betrayed her. But getting what she wants means taking the life of the man she loves. Will her hunger for a mortal man wreak further havoc on her already bleak future?
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            Cam pulled the linen from his shaggy, ebony mane and locked his rich brown eyes, glistening with excitement, on hers. He stepped out of the tub, dropping the linen to the floor. "Come to me, woman." Cam wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her against him. He claimed her mouth with his, prying her lips open and invading her with the sweetest tasting tongue she had ever known.
            Màili lost herself in that kiss. The power of it sent jolts of pleasure to every pore in her body. She tingled all over, her senses melding until she could no longer remember anything other than the man before her. She kissed him back with all the self–pity of a woman who had been betrayed by love and yearned to get even a piece of herself back.
            The power of her desire for Cam surprised her. Màili was certainly no stranger to the ways of men and women. She had learned a lot over the centuries. This was the first time she had found anyone she thought could teach her anything. A nagging possibility tickled the edge of her thoughts, but she pushed it aside.
            Màili dragged her mouth from his, nibbling along his jaw and across the pulse at his throat. With her hands on his chest, she urged him back toward the bed all the while trailing her lips, her tongue down his body. He tasted like nectar and all Màili could think of was more, more, more.


  1. What a delicious excerpt! It appears she must be immortal in some manner, and I like that spin. Normally, it's usually the hero is is otherworldly. How great to have it in the reverse!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the excerpt and the concept of Bambi's new release.
      Thanks for checking our tour, Mae!

  2. I have added this to my TBR list. Paranormal in the Highlands combines two of my favorite themes! It sounds scrumptious and what a yummy hero. I look forward to seeing what the heroine's nature is.

    1. Thank you for checking our last post in the tour, Flossie!

  3. Very sensual excerpt and I enjoyed it. Good luck with the book. It looks great.

    1. Thank you for checking our last post in the tour, Daisy!