June 5, 2015

Mysterious Romania (XII) Black Sea ‘Whirlpool of Death’

I promised I would come back with more odd things regarding the Black Sea, a favorite holiday destination for  Romanians as well as Bulgarians, Russians or Turkish people. Many articles in the press, as well as scientific studies, but also old stories, mention a death triangle in the Black Sea. Something similar to the Bermuda triangle.

It seems this triangle has a size of about 8 to 10 kilometers and it is in a constant movement from Crimeea (Ukraine) to the Romanian shores of the Black Sea. Along the years, many strange disappearances of people, planes and ships occurred. The area of the ‘death’ triangle that ‘travels’ in the waters of the Black Sea has been known since the Middle Ages. The Turkish call it ‘the Whirlpool of Death’.  Witnesses speak of a white whirlpool that sucks to the bottom of the sea birds, boats, even small islands. Romanian and Bulgarian fishermen from the coast area avoid the region, because of these legends and superstitions, saying that there is a ‘cursed water’.
Fact and folklore have a notorious habit of interbreeding when bizarre events such as the ones I will present bellow occur. More complete data about mysterious disappearances were highlighted after the dismembering of the former Soviet Union, as only then some very well guarded secrets came out to light.  
From the ultra-secret files of the red army we find out about the disappearance of the Tiolkovski battleship on the 31st of May 1944, in the south of Crimea (at 70 kilometers into the open sea), during daytime. Even though the weather was excellent, the captain of a neighboring ship tells that the Tiolkovski battleship was suddenly covered by a black fog with green sparkles, and then it simply vanished from the radars.
Controversial disappearances
On 5th December 1945, five American Grumnan type bombers disappear in the darkness of the Bermuda Triangle. A strange coincidence, extremely commented on at the time, was the disappearance of  five military Russian planes, on the same day, inside the Death Triangle near Crimea (at only 70 kilometers in the open sea).

Another mysterious disappearance occurs in 1990. A small Greek plane, flying over the problematic area, vanishes at only 30-40 kilometers from the Romanian shore.

A most bewildering disappearance happened in 1991.  It involves the 80 people working on a Russian sea platform of oil extraction. The platform had a daily communication protocol with the shore
officials. That fateful day, without any Mayday/ S.O.S. call, the platform remained unusually silent at all the attempts to establish contact. A couple of hours later, the base announced the coast police. A military escadrille made a reconnaissance fly. The platform was found and recovered at 50 kilometers away from the initial place. It was carried along by water currents, with no trace of life on board and no clue to solving the mystery of the technical crew’s disappearance. It looked as if the 80 people had left it in a hurry, without taking any luggage, clothes or personal things, without clearing away or cleaning - the tables where they were eating at still had the food and plates on. Nowhere were there any signs of a struggle or pandemonium. If the 80 workers were murdered or taken by force then surely there would have been some indication of the mêlée left behind. This, combined with the fact that experienced military forces could find no indication of why all vanished, has left researchers stumped for years.

So if we can’t find a logical explanation, then we’re forced to start looking outside the proverbial box. Along these lines comes the first — and in many ways the most popular — theory, and that is that the workers were the victims of aliens or of the unexplained whirlpool in the sea.
Scientists explanations
The strange phenomena are explained as magnetic anomalies that occur in the Black Sea. According to Emil Streinu, Romanian specialist in radar and Geophysical war, another explanation is the huge reservoir of hydrogen sulphide that forms big dangerous bubble -- toxic and flammable.

According to ABC News, the same as in Bermuda area, this gas accumulation surfaces and burns on the water with a strange fire – like  burning ice.

Russian officials have another opinion, they suggest that these magnetic anomalies have an every two days frequency, the magnetic fault opens from a second to a couple of minutes sucking inside everything above it. They offer the theory that these anomalies could be gates towards parallel worlds, that only open from time to time.

The dangerous magnetic anomaly, close to the Snake Island now, slowly moves in the Black Sea’s area towards the Romanian seaside, more precisely towards Sulina port.


  1. Carmen, what a fascinating post! I'd never heard of the "whirlpool of death." The battleship that was swallowed by a black fog with green flecks (on a cloudless day) is soooo strange, but the oil platform is really eerie. Especially that it drifted so far from its anchored location. The reference to everything being found in place, right down to food on the table (with no signs of a struggle) sounds much like the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of the Mary Celeste, an American merchant ship that vanished then was found floating adrift on December 4, 1872. Fab post today!

    1. Exactly, Mae. Mary Celeste is another mystery. As bewildering as an even more inexplicable case that concerns the whereabouts of the over 30 men, women and children who allegedly vanished without a trace from an Inuit fishing village in the first half of the 20th Century. So many unexplained events that make me wonder if we aren't told the truth on purpose, or mankind that flies to other planets has no idea what's happening on its own one.

    2. Wow! Didn't know about that Inuit fishing village either. I'v got goosebumps!

  2. Wow, what an interesting post! The disappearance of the oil platform workers blows my mind. I wonder if we'll ever know what happened. Thanks for sharing such a little known (to us) area of your part of the world! Gives a writer lots of story ideas, doesn't it?

    1. It's a creepy event, especially that it's not a figment of people's imagination. You are right, Linda. This is a good starting point for a mystery story. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. What a mesmerizing post. Eerie happenings for sure occur in the whirlpool of death. It's an appropriate name for such a strange place where people vanish. Eighty people at one time-- wow. That reminds me of stories about Montauk where disappearances have occurred, as well as time jumps. Thank you for posting about these subjects. I appreciate it.

    1. Such a weird phenomenon and so close to where I live! Hopefully it won't "travel"on land too.
      Montauk is another goosebumps giving topic, indeed.
      Thank you for stopping by, Flossie!