October 8, 2015

Guest Promo (CVIII) Paranormal Romance Thursday

           Please welcome the talented  author M S Kaye to Paranormal Romance Thursday. 
Let’s take a glimpse into her paranormal romance,



A Sumerian water and sky god myth collides with a modern high school.
Ayanna is a math nerd, logical and rational, even cold, but Calder makes her feel things she never had before. Somehow, she’s able to accept it when she discovers he’s a reincarnated Sumerian water god. Will she be able to accept the full truth, that the story of Enki and Inanna has been reborn in a modern Ohio high school?

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Calder’s voice was quiet but threatening. “Can you not see she’s uncomfortable?”

Mark opened his mouth, as if about to argue.

Calder added in a growl, “Back the fuck off.”

The silence was cold.

Then a clang bellowed from the kitchen. Several of the girls gasped and jumped.

Calder shoved him the last couple inches into the wall, then walked out.

Everyone stared after him. They let him go, didn’t try to egg on a fight. I had the impression they knew better, like they were scared to anger Calder any more than he already was.

The atmosphere lightened slowly. Several voices recommenced.

“I don’t know. It must’ve boiled over,” one of the cafeteria workers said.

“Someone’s PMSing,” Mark snickered. He looked shaken, embarrassed.

“Wow,” one of the girls said.

“Yeah, Cal’s always been sweet like that. You should’ve seen when we were in the first grade and someone was picking on me. It was so sweet…” She went on and on. I had to ignore her.

The line dragged, and when I could finally see into the kitchen, I saw why. The huge pot looked like it’d spewed scalding water, and several of the women who’d been serving were attempting to dry surfaces all over the kitchen. How in the world had it boiled over like that? It looked more like it’d exploded. The water was everywhere, not just the stove and the floor, but the ceiling, the prep table, and even all the way to the serving line. What in the world is it with this town and water? The school sprinklers went off for no reason on my first day, the snow and rain behaved oddly, and now this.



  1. I love the excerpt and how the pieces of the puzzel begin to come together at the end of it. Gorgeous cover too.

  2. I agree with Daisy. Great excerpt and the cover really draws you in, a perfect complement to the title!

    1. Thank you for visiting, Mae! I wish she would find many new readers due to the tour.

  3. Gorgeous cover and an intriguing concept.

    1. Suggestive indeed, the cover. Thanks for visiting, Lyndi!

  4. What a fantastic concept. I can't wait to read more and I love the cover! :) Well done, M. S.

    1. It's right on my TBR list now. Thanks for leaving a comment, Mrs N!

  5. Water God! This book sounds awesome!

    1. Past and present in a clever combination. Thanks for dropping by, Penny!

  6. This book is already on my tbr. I just need to get some time to indulge. Inanna is one of my favorite myths, and to read a book focusing on the Sumerian tale is a dream come true.

    1. I was sure the story will conquer your heart as I know your fondness of all that means mythology.
      Thank you for visiting the post, Flossie!