July 14, 2016

Guest Promo (CLXVI) Summer #Romantic Idea M M Jaye


Can two wrongs win Mr. Right?

A meddling thriller writer ruins the career of a Greek shipping heir then tarnishes his family’s name and faces his inevitable wrath—because to fix him, she needs to break him first.

Short Blurb
Can two wrongs win Mr. Right?
An aspiring thriller writer, Trish Swan would rather write violence, not witness it. Yet, on her first day in Athens, Greece, she turns in a cop, presenting footage, evidence of police brutality. Her civic duty done, she goes to a small Greek island to pursue her dream.
Markos Venetis wants nothing more than to get his hands on the meddling tourist that ruined him professionally. Against all odds, he does. And she screams. Not out of fear.
But when she tarnishes his family’s name, this Greek heir’s blood boils. And someone is bound to burn.

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Author Bio

MM Jaye’s mother claims that she spoke her first word at the age of six. Months. As a kid she would record fairytales in her own voice, play them back and then re-record, adjusting the pitch and tempo. Later, she used her voice to inspire young adults and teach them the art of translation. But there came a time when life took a turn for the worse, and her voice temporarily died out. That’s when she turned to writing.
Fate Captured is the first book in her Greek Tycoons series, set on the Greek island where her husband proposed. MM Jaye lives in Athens, Greece, with her husband, daughter and Kindle.
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Fate Captured by MM JAYE - Excerpts
Balancing the tray on one hand, Trish turned to take the drinks to the couple snuggling on the cushioned bench that lined the side wall. She gave Hot Guy a wide berth. Although initially she wanted him to watch her dance, she also had to think of her reputation at her workplace. Branding herself as an easy waitress was the last thing she needed.
She spotted the sleazo leaving his seat. His eyes were pinned on her, his upper lip curled. Now she worried more about putting space between her and him. She sidestepped clumsily, and her foot caught on the protruding leg of a bar stool, sending her careening forward.
A hand of steel around her arm steadied her before she fell flat on her face. As bad luck went, it was the arm with the tray, and by the time she pushed her tumbling hair out of her face, the drinks intended for the snuggling couple were soaking her savior’s jeans-clad thighs.
She looked up. As if she needed his steel-gray gaze to be petrified.
“Was that Plan B or a payback?”
At the sound of the guy’s low, deep voice, her heart rate went from fast to frantic. Trying to ignore the burning sensation his large fingers had left on her arm, she focused on what he was saying. Which was gibberish.
“What was?”
Hot guy quirked a thick, dark brow. “Do you make a habit of throwing yourself at men, or was that your way of getting back at me for not falling for your little dance routine earlier?”
Anger thickened her blood to the point of clotting it, and her heartbeat markedly dropped.
“Did you just imply I stumbled on purpose?”
“I didn’t.”
She frowned.
Trish opened her mouth, but nothing came out. Glancing about, she saw that Bo had gone to the back room, and the snuggling couple were about to start making babies, oblivious to the fact that their drinks were now pooling on the floor. She inched closer to the bar and leaned against it, giving him her sweetest smile.
The hard expression on his face remained, but his gaze fell on her mouth, his eyes widening just a fraction.
She had a killer smile, and she knew it.
Taking advantage of his momentary distraction, she threw out her hand, snatched his tumbler and brought that drink down on him as well.
His gaze dropped to his lap.
“Now that was payback.” She pivoted and tossed her long hair with such gusto, it had to have whipped his face.

Romantic Idea to enjoy this summer

Have your partner read your favorite romance novel and ask him which romantic scene he enjoyed the most and then re-enact the scene! It could be a candlelit dinner at a location similar to that mentioned in the book, wearing similar outfits, with the night progressing exactly as the book describes. Do your best to keep the script *winks*
In Fate Captured, the hero re-enacts the final scene of the heroine’s book (she’s an aspiring writer) even changing the dining room’s furniture to resemble those in the scene, and that’s how he won her back. He did need a grand gesture after the way he treated her, after all.


  1. Sounds like plenty of sparks will fly in this one. Wishing MM Jaye the best with her newest release!

    1. A lovely read for summer time. Thanks for stopping by, Mae!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by, and Carmen for hosting Fate Captured. Greetings from Greece!

  3. Always welcome. Maria! Best of luck with finding new fans!

  4. The chemistry between the two is quite evident, and I love the setting of Greece. Best of luck to the author for many sales and new readers.

    1. Thank you for your support of Maria! New readers is what we all crave for, isn't it?

  5. Thank you so much, Flossie! That's what I was going for. :)


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