November 30, 2012


Please, join me in this hour of joy! The moment is so close!!! You can see here My event.

November 25, 2012

Shadows of the Past – BLURB (part II)

Has destiny other plans for Anne?

Why, then, do the two lovers lose their way and have to spend the night in an odd forest? Whose is the human skeleton they find and why does the bejeweled cross laying under the bones trigger a strong feeling of apprehension in Anne? Is there a connection between the strange women who haunt Anne’s dreams and the ruins of a large building the two lovers come upon, deep in the forest? What is it that these ghostly apparitions want from her?

In "Shadows of the Past", revenge, witchcraft, desire and betrayal, clash and intertwine over the centuries in a passionate edge of your seat read.

November 14, 2012

Shadows of the Past – BLURB (part I)

Genevieve, a young nun at the St. Mary’s Abbey, is torn between her sacred vows to God and her guilty love for Andrew, the nuns’ priest. She hopes that one day people will forgive and forget their sins and accept them into society. If only the scorned and bitter Abbess will allow her to leave the clerical life.

Anne, a well-to-do young English businesswoman, leaves on a holiday, hoping to reconcile with her fiancé Neil, after their bitter separation. Still hurting from his betrayal, Anne suspects that Gillian, her former business partner and friend played a major part in it.

Has destiny other plans for Anne?

Keep an eye here to read when I post "Shadows of the Past" - BLURB (part II)

November 9, 2012

The countdown

The countdown is going on. The Wild Child Publishing already made public the link where the novel Shadows of the Past could be pre-ordered. (

4th December is so close!

November 8, 2012

The release date

 I am happy to let you all know that I’ve been given the release date for Shadows of the Past!

The event will take place on 4th December 2012.

At Wild Child Publishing  (

November 4, 2012

A last moment decision of the publisher

Shadows of the Past will be released by Wild Child and not Freya’s Bower. Both belong to the same publisher, but Freya’s Bower is more on the sensual, erotic type of fiction while Shadows of the Past is a Paranormal/ romance/ mystery type

November 1, 2012

Welcome to my pages!

    After a long period of only dreaming about it, after hard working and also of hard waiting, my dream of entering the world of prose writing in English comes true.

    Shadows of the Past will be launched soon at It’s my first novel, in e-book form. Lovers of passion and betrayal, revenge and witchcraft that clash and intertwine over centuries, will find the story appealing.

    Until the publishing moment, I invite you to watch the trailer of the book and also to keep an eye on my pages. Thus you’ll get news regarding the book and the moment of its release.