June 15, 2018

Book Review Cusp of Night by Mae Clair

The truth hides in dark places . . .

Recently settled in Hode’s Hill, Pennsylvania, Maya Sinclair is enthralled by the town’s folklore, especially the legend about a centuries-old monster. A devil-like creature with uncanny abilities responsible for several horrific murders, the Fiend has evolved into the stuff of urban myth. But the past lives again when Maya witnesses an assault during the annual “Fiend Fest.” The victim is developer Leland Hode, patriarch of the town’s most powerful family, and he was attacked by someone dressed like the Fiend.

Compelled to discover who is behind the attack and why, Maya uncovers a shortlist of enemies of the Hode clan. The mystery deepens when she finds the journal of a late nineteenth-century spiritualist who once lived in Maya’s house—a woman whose ghost may still linger. Known as the Blue Lady of Hode’s Hill due to a genetic condition, Lucinda Glass vanished without a trace and was believed to be one of the Fiend’s tragic victims. The disappearance of a young couple, combined with more sightings of the monster, trigger Maya to join forces with Leland’s son Collin. But the closer she gets to the truth, the closer she comes to a hidden world of twisted secrets, insanity, and evil that refuses to die . . .

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My Review

Erie, suspenseful, sometimes sad, Cusp of Night held my interest up to the last page and remained  with me long after I  finished it.
            The spine-tingling essence of the plot is  thoroughly enjoyable. From the very beginning, the author, Mae Clair, sets the scene for a fascinating, intriguing  story.
Maya Sinclair’s arrival in Hode’s  Hill, a small  community, triggers a chain of events that both frightens and bewilders her. You never know what secrets people in a small town try to hide.
The Hodes are rich and content. But, as the saying goes, “Money does not always bring happiness.” Lies and ugly secrets are well guarded behind the fa├žade of a happy family.
 I am a believer of psychic ability so this book was for me. Nothing happens without a reason. It is as if Lucinda has called Maya to come to Hode’s Hill to help her. The day Maya comes, people in Hode’s Hill celebrate  the Fiend, a legendary creature, a kind of monster that took many lives.
Will Collin discover who is the liar in his family? Can Maya manage to master her fright and continue living in a house that is undoubtedly spooked? Is there any connection between Lady Glass and someone in Hode’s Hill?  Who is responsible for the horrendous crimes and attacks that frightens the community? Is the Fiend real? Only reading the novel you can find the answer to all these questions.
The author's writing was so good I felt as if I were right in the story--I could visualize everything as it happened. There are no grammar errors or any other errors. Well written and  structurally sound, Cusp of Night moves with really quick action. Amazing. I couldn't wait to continue reading, after having struggled to put the book away to deal with everyday life for a while.
There was no foul language or explicit sex scenes in this story, which is so refreshing. Shows you that good stories can be told and hold your interests without sex and profanity.
The characters are well developed, they show a strong sense of battling with a conscience, making them markedly human in the process.
 I enjoyed the intrigue and the plot kept me guessing.  A good thriller for anyone who likes to try to figure things out.
All in all a great read!  Tell everyone you know and who enjoys drama, intrigue and paranormal thrillers to read Mae Clair’s books.