February 19, 2013

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I'd like to thank all the friendly ladies who accepted to host my virtual book tour for Shadows of the Past:

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February 16, 2013

Reviews (VII)

February 13, 2013 - by Ankita S (http://booklokcoffee.blogspot.in/2013/02/review-shadows-of-past-by-carmen.html)


Title: Shadows of the Past
Author: Carmen Stefanescu 

Pages: 231, ebook
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Genre: Historical/Paranormal
Release: December 4th 2012


Well at first look you would think "I don't normally read this", that was my first thought as well. I normally read Young-Adult books and occasionally switch the genre. So when Ms. Carmen approached, after reading the synopses I was indeed intrigued with paranormal and historical theme so I gave it a chance. And I must say it was different and Amazing!! 
The Book cover may seem Adult but story isn't so much, Yes there is romance but the sweet one. As Carmen said that she like to keep the romance sweet in her books.
 ‘Our past and our future are tea leaves in the cup of our present.’
Shadows of the past starts in the 14th century, with a medieval times girl Genevieve and alternatively introducing the modern times girl Anne. As the story proceeds the connection between both the girls gets more intricate. Where Anne is strong business women determined to reconcile with her love Neil, Genevieve is a victim of fate, terrible luck and forced to face the horrid world. As the medieval times story proceeds it creates an eerie atmosphere with a cursed forest, a strange stream, dark magic and many such things. Genevieve has faced many tragedies time and time again losing the people she loves then finally when circumstances made her a nun, the tragedies didn't cease. She fell in love with a Priest Father Andrew and he also loves her back but fate has again planned something dreadful for her.
Genevieve's heart breaking story seems very real. Carmen did a fantastic job in creating her character with such fineness and giving life to so many other characters.
The villain in the book is scary, spooky and very well created, her presence is there through out the book making every page more interesting, The villain has ruined Genevieve and is now disturbing Anne immensely.

 Here, Anne is set on to have a nice time with Neil, to reconcile but she encounters a tormented soul and visions and that changed everything for her.
Being a strong headed women she is determined to solve the mystery of that ghost which leads to many revelations. Can she set that tragic soul free... or burn in the same magic!!

I love the ballad by almost the end describing the tragic destiny of Genevieve and Andrew.
“Shadows of the Past” is a real page-turner and a dark spooky romantic story that is crafted masterfully. Despite all the evil, love wins by the end. I really liked that.

February 13, 2013

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February 4, 2013

Reviews (VI)

Shadows of the Past
by Carmen Stefanescu (Goodreads Author)

Amanda Masters's review

Feb 01, 13

Read in February, 2013

This book was amazing! I don't usually read books that aren't YA books anymore but occasionally I come across one that sparks my interest like this one did. The author Carmen Stefanescu did a amazing job on describing people and places and I felt like I was in the story from start to finish. I loved all the historical elements to the story and all the attention to detail that Carmen puts into the story especially when it came to the wiccan people and their practices. As a wiccan myself I really appreciated this aspect. I also loved the villain in the story I always say you can't have a good story without an good villain and wow I wanted to run...lol...I best part though was the tremendous love felt throughout the whole book that through all the tragic loss and pain there was still love.

Anne and her husband Neil are trying to rekindle their romance with a week long vacation and some hiking when they get lost in the woods. The woods are spooky and Anne begins to have dreams and visions of a woman who looks very much like her and leads them deeper into the forest. They soon learn that this may be the tragic restless spirit of Genevieve a nun from the local Abby with a most tragic and lost past and who is still being chased by the one thing she feared most. Can they save her and themselves before it is to late?

The book goes back and forth from the past to the present which in some books I have found annoying but quite enjoyed in this book. I was a little confused for maybe the first two chapters but quickly learned what all the back and forth meant. Genevieve quickly became my favorite character and I was hooked on her heartbreaking story! I just couldn't put the book down! I highly recommend this book to one and all!