July 6, 2017

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July 3, 2017

Book Review - Bleeding Heart by Staci Troilo

In the heart of Pittsburgh awaits a secret half a millennium in the making.
After her father’s brutal murder, Franki discovers she and her three sisters are the only surviving, secret legacy of the Medici. The same people who brutally murdered her father now target her and her family for assassination. Unprepared to battle an unknown enemy, she finds her safety depends on the Medici Protectorate, the warriors who guarded her bloodline for centuries, but who failed to protect her father.
Gianni, Franki’s protector, blows his first meeting with her, but knows he must garner the trust of not only Franki, but also her sisters. Without that, he fails too, and that is unacceptable—not only to him but also to the Medici Protectorate. His troubles grow larger, for as he assumes his new role, he also undergoes inexplicable, explosive physical changes… transformations he can’t control. One of those is his uncontainable desire for Franki.
Their worlds collide in passion and violence, and Franki struggles to trust Gianni. When her life is on the line, Gianni will have to conquer both her fears and his own personal demons to rescue her in time.
 My Review

Bleeding Heart blends in an exquisite way  mythology, mystery, romance and traditions. It’s a bit for everyone's tastes – steamy romance, history or intrigue.
 I loved Giani DeSantos and Francesca Notaro. The chemistry between them is palpable from the very first moment they meet, even if there’s a bit of misunderstanding shadowing it. Giani thinks he is about to meet the four sons of the recently deceased patriarch, when in fact the heirs are four daughters. His first perception of Francesca he is mesmerized by her waved, flowing brown hair reminding him of espresso and amaretto.
From the moment Giani and Franki  meet all is a lesson on how to build a lasting friendship, loyalty, and how to love someone completely and without judgement. The author builds gradually the suspense. The plot keeps the reader’s attention due to the twists and turns spanning the pages. Staci Troilo  has a gift with the written word and she has shared it with us in writing Bleeding Heart.
This is a story packed full of action and emotion; the story of  four sisters , descendants of the Medici, though they aren’t aware of it at first and  of four brothers the Brotherhood of Medici Protectorate.
Bleeding Heart is suspenseful, thought provoking, and above all extremely entertaining. It is somewhat of a complex story, not a light read so you need to be in the mood, but it is so worth it. I found Bleeding Heart a fanciful tale of secret societies, secret codes, and romance that kept my interest until the end. The plot twists are abundant throughout the book and will keep you on your toes.
A beautifully written story that brought out many emotions. Congratulations Stacijob well done!