February 19, 2013

Blog tour

I'd like to thank all the friendly ladies who accepted to host my virtual book tour for Shadows of the Past:

Liss on     28th February,
Amanda   1st March,
Ankita      2nd March,
Catalina   3rd March,
Amina     4th March,
Bianca     5th March,
Pamela     6th March 
and last but not least
Liliana      7th March!

Please, join me on this tour and let me know what you think about the book, reviews, interviews and even win one of the three copies I offer at the Giveaway!


  1. I am so excited for the Interview!!!

  2. Well, I am waiting for your questions, when you aren't so busy!
    Friendly hugs,

  3. Your comment brought me here, Carmen. It is a spooky corner. Normally, I stay away from writing reviews...Love reading poems/ stories. Can you give me a link..?
    Thanks !

  4. Glad you visited. My story is a story of love and past lives and reincarnation.

    At Works, on my page, you can read 3 of my poems that were selected and published in a collection of contemporary poems in English. The 2 volumes appeared in India!
    My poems are thoughts on life and pastels!
    Would you do me the honor and join my blog, too?


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