September 2, 2013

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Book Review: SHATTERED (Mind Shadows 1) by Patrick Royal


The only thing that multi-published, award winning horror author, Tom Elliot, wanted was to move to the country for a change of scenery and relaxation, to a quiet part of southern Illinois. It seemed he'd picked out a wonderful spot, miles away from the closest neighbor and even further away from civilization.

Tom couldn't write to save his soul. Weird thoughts trampled through his head and left him wondering if he'd made a mistake moving from Chicago. Could it have been that he ripped himself from his element, like his best friend, Michael Gully, had predicted? That he couldn't answer yet.

Words came and flowed like wildfire, but at what price? Tom's imagination was getting the best of him and running rampant. The very characters that he created tormented him, driving him mad where he couldn't distinguish fiction from reality.

My Review

I've always been a big fan of horror fiction, and I was really looking forward to reading this book. The author, Patrick Royal, delivers a taut horror novel, with an imaginative premise, that moves with speed and agility.

With a fast moving plot that keeps you turning the pages and a marvelous ride of emotion, Patrick Royal's Shattered grabbed me from page one. There are many things I'd like to say, but I'll mention only the aspects which wouldn't give away the ending, as I don't want to spoil the other readers' experience. Shattered is a real spine-tingler. The type of novel where the reader asks breathlessly, "What next?"  It reveals the hidden, dangerous power of a highly creative mind, the mind of a successful horror writing novelist. Shattered tells the compelling and gritty story of Tom Elliot. I loved the chapters where we get to know Tom Elliot better.  Little by little, the fiction world he creates sneaks into his life, reality and illusion, past and present becoming one and leading him to wonder 'if his mind was right at that moment.'
Other characters - Michael, his long time friend, Susan a woman he meets at a supermarket, and he enjoys having around, “You’re a very smart person, Tom Elliot,” Susan said and grinned. Tom liked that. It had been a very long time since he had a woman look at him like that. - are believable and immediately evoke empathy from the reader. Not so much his grandmother.
The flow of the story was smooth. It wasn't too rushed and it didn't drag which is very nice. The mysteries were given out in a perfect timing. I like how the author built the tension.
It took me one session to read it end-to-end. I wholeheartedly recommend it to those who love horror novels, but not only. You will enjoy it and devour it, but beware don't read it during the night.                       
Shattered is an enormously gripping story, in my opinion a psychological horror, which fully deserves its five stars review.


  1. Thank you Carmen for a wonderful and generous review. I give your review a five star!

  2. You are welcome and the novel deserves the praise words.
    Thanks for appreciating my review!


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