April 29, 2017

Book Review - Shardai by Sandra Cox

Shardai is a large sleek cat with attitude. He has the courage of a tiger and the disdain of a king. The fearless feline has only one weakness: his guardian. He would do anything, even come back from the afterlife, for her.
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My Review

 I am a firm believer in rebirth so, if I admit it is possible for us, humans,  why shouldn’t it be also possible for the animal world?

As a pet owner – cats and a dog – I think I can characterize Shardai in two  words.  Delightful, touching. They describe Shardai to a tee. Other descriptions?  World building that doesn’t quit.  Wonderful  cat hero. The author has a way with words that makes the reader want to keep reading.  And so much more.

Even if Mrs. Cox’s book may be also  read as a story for kids , in my opinion,  it is much more than this. It is full of symbols and meanings. Shardai’s quest is full of dangers but he goes on looking for his human owner with whom he spent 12 years once and 7 years before that.  

A rainbow bridge links Catarau ( cats’ heaven)  to human Heaven.  I think it symbolizes the mutual love we, humans, and our pets share. I was hooked from the beginning. No matter what most members of the cats’ council say and the warnings they give him about dangers  - snakes, foxes, dogs, hawks, bad water,  toms, lack of food, but above all “MAN”,  Shardai must get back to his beloved mistress in the cruel and callous human world.

The feelings pervading the whole story – love, understanding, compassion, devotion. The end of this heartwarming book left me with a smile on my face and a tear in my eyes.

  Highly recommended to readers of all ages.


  1. Thank you so much, Carmen, for that lovely review. Much appreciated.

    1. You are most welcome, Sandra! Such a heartwarming story!

  2. Sandra, your book sounds so interesting! Carmen, my family and I have had recurring pet over the years, including three black and white dogs with the same personality. My son currently has a sweet pit bull with the same quirky personality of his former German shepherd.

    1. You should all, then, read this one!
      It will explain many things, perhaps.
      We also have had along the years many pets and I also noticed similarities in some of them. Those who, at the time they lived were our favorite.


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