June 14, 2013

More blogs for free reviews

Hello everyone! 

Though a bit late, but better later than never, here comes a new update to the list with free review blogs!

As a thank you, I'd appreciate getting followed on my blog or a comment by everyone who finds the info useful.



  1. Thank you so very much for posting these. Do you know which reviewers read which type of writing? I have a Southern fiction that I would like reviewed.

    1. anyway, I have looked for you and here's a link that could be of use to you:
      I also visited your blog and signed to follow!

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment!
    Unfortunately I can't be of any help with an answer. I posted only the links. The info regarding who what reads would have taken too much space here. But you have here more than 370 blogs, so I'm sure you'll find more willing to read your work.
    Best of luck!


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