June 11, 2013

Reviews (XIII)

Monday, March 04, 2013 by Michikit

  Michikit rated it 5 of 5 stars
I always enjoy a good mystery story and Shadows of the Past had plenty or it. I initially did not know what to expect, but whatever I wanted from the book before I started it, I receive 10 times more. It was so good and I found myself thrown in two different lives.

The story was told from two points of view, two characters belonging to different times. I’ve usually read books that had characters from the same time, but not in this one. Genevieve lived in the 15th century and Anne’s story takes place in 1990. The thing is, I couldn’t decide whose story I was most eager to follow because each of them had its share of mystery. Every time I started with Genevieve’s story I wanted to see what Anne was doing and every time I went back to Anne I needed to see Genevieve again.

Genevieve’s story begins actually with the ending and afterwards her entire life is unfolded right in front of us. Her life was tragic, from the begging until the very end. She lost her father thanks to the cursed forest which triggered a chain reaction and soon, her entire family was dead. When she finally settled down she was forced to leave again because the forest managed to take another person that she grew fond of just see herself under the protective wing of Mother Superior.

I must say that I enjoyed the descriptions on the 15th century places, people, and the traditions. The way that everyone different was looked at with disgust because much like today, people would fear the unknown. But in those days everything was conducted to the extreme, different being associated with monsters and witches.

Anne’s story was the mild part of the book. She is a strong and independent woman, she knows what she wants and I simply loved her attitude when she caught her boyfriend with her best friend together. She is a strong business woman, clearly she is not that eager to show her weaknesses, but along with her normal life and appearance, she has also some paranormal abilities and with the help of them she can connect with Genevieve.

The love story was sweet and slow, full of some tender moments. The cover may not show it this way, but it is. It is based more on the emotional part and less on the physical one.

Of course that between Anne and Genevieve is a connection and of course I will not tell you which one because you will need to read it to know it. Trust me, I loved it and so will you, especially if you are into paranormal romance.

This was an amazing story, settled in the past and present, following the destiny of two women that are parted by 500 years.

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