November 12, 2014

Mysterious Romania (VII)Official Hush-Hush PART TWO

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Informing authorities
The adrenaline pumped with power in professor's body. Bewildered and frightened, the professor ran back outside and  informed the police about the unbelievable discovery and his worker's disappearance. With trembling hands and a voice he hardly recognized as his own, he called higher authorities in Bucharest. He had to repeat several times his insistence for someone to be sent on the site of the diggings. The person on the other end of the phone thought him to be drunk, at first, and only after talking to the Police chief who confirmed the professor was sober and frightened, he talked to the professor again. 
 Special agents disappear
 Later, that same day, three special agents came to the site. They looked skeptical and their faces displayed the disbelief in the professor's story. They exchanged glances and shook their heads believing the professor was a bit crazy. The professor led them underground. He advised them to stay close to him and not venture  alone along the mysterious tunnels. Nevertheless, one of the agents wouldn't listen to his warning. He disappeared the same as the boy had done early morning. The following day, another special agent came from Bucharest. Baffled by what was underground and unable to cope with the situation, the special agents ordered the entrance to that odd place to be walled. After the entrance was sealed, the professor remained at the police station to fill a report. The agents returned, by car, to Bucharest to report the mysterious discovery. Surprise! They never arrived in Bucharest. They all died in an unexplained car accident! In fact, little by little, all witnesses of the discovery - and they were not many - vanished one way or other in the following weeks. The archeologist himself spoke very confused. It was clear he was affected by what he saw underground. He stood staring in the void and shook his head. The next day, he was taken, nobody knows up to this day, where.

 Underground secret inhabitants
 A second version on what triggered the discoveries in Sureanu Mountains  claims that the basement area of Sureanu Mountains was scanned by a Russian satellite. The images displayed a huge underground settlement.
 Whoever initiated the research is less relevant. Still, what was discovered there remains a great mystery because, officially , not all the results were released. Unofficially , it is said that the satellite discovered ancient and prehistoric sites in the area. Then, specialists in magnetometry, hydraulic problems, archaeologists, engineers , architects and professionals in geodesy carried out a thorough activity and many of the results proved amazing. Devices detected many rectangular enclosures that communicate with each other. It was a natural enclosure modified by man. Many of these enclosures communicate with the plateau above, with the ancient roads.One can even go from here, following the underground tunnels, to the sanctuaries of Sarmisegetuza Regia. The results data, which were not officially released, were astounding. The fortifications belong to a mega – settlement; a military- civilian settlement with multiple cores, spread over an area of 200 square kilometers. An underground predacic city, the size of Bucharest. Researchers used special equipment to detect buried walls and objects
 Secret blueprints handed to white-collar thieves
 Romanian specialists have compiled some detailed plans and maps of the underground sites. These were gathered in a file sent to the Ministry of Culture and were supposed to be kept secret. However, the secret  maps, copies of them, came in the possession of treasure thieves, of illegal treasure seekers who had strong relationships in the political class. Here  I must mention the already famous scandal of the fifteen stolen Dacian golden bracelets ( you can see pictures of the precious objects both here and in Part One of this article on 20th October). 
 Romanian VIPs involved
VIPs of Romanian political class were accused of having initiated the theft and paid quite a sum to own the patrimonial objects. The bracelets arrived in the United States, sold on the black market. Later, Romanian state recovered them and started an investigation. It led to caliber politician  names like Dan Iosif, or the former prime minister Nastase.Thieves knew exactly where to look for and find the treasure. It remains a very important question : who gave the robbers the secret plans of the complex and thus planned robbing the treasures ?
 Incompetence, fear or ignorance?
At first some studies were published regarding the discovery and then, suddenly, everything stopped. The lack of funds- something usual in Romania- was given as an excuse for not going on with the research and diggings. In fact, the discovery is considered as State Secret now. Authorities forbid any further research in the area. 
                  CASE CLOSED!


  1. It really makes you stop and think. And how interesting that further research has been forbidden. I guess there are certain places in the world that will always remain a mystery. In the U.S., I'm not sure we'll ever understand what really took/takes place at our Area 51, but reading this post kind of reminded me of that.

    1. Exactly! There are so many things that officials, both here and in your country, consider that "common people" shouldn't know. Information only for the "elite." I read as much as I could find about Area 51 and am sure aliens are there and teach humans their technology.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Yes, much like Area 51, but more interesting. Fascinating article, Carmen. American reality TV would have a field day with this story, esp. the Ancient Aliens crowd. (I love that show; it stirs my imagination even as I dismiss much of what is said.) The gold bracelets are beautiful.

    1. Thanks Lyndi for visiting!
      The bracelets are solid proof that this odd occurrence is true. I love Ancient Aliens too.

  3. What an interesting, mysterious story Carmen. I'm glad you told us.

  4. Totally fascinating! Thanks for sharing this information. It is maddening that we can't be trusted to know reality. Oh, to just pick the brain of one person who knows the truth of it! Alternate theorists often speculate on underground civilizations. The Dacians intrigue me as well.

    1. I wonder if we ever will know the real truth about our origins; and from the little that comes to the surface it seems it's a totally different one from what we are used to believe.

    2. Yes, I think the wool has been pulled over our eyes many times in that regard.

    3. It's in the interest of the "elite" for us to be kept in complete ignorance. Who has knowledge has power. By the way, I have a post on Dacians here:


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