August 12, 2015

Wednesday Writing Wisdom (20) Anais Nin

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

Anais Nin
 (1903 - 1977)
Curious facts about:

She was trained as a flamenco dancer while living in Paris in the 1920s.

Anaïs Nin's first husband did not want to be mentioned in her diaries, but she did mention Henry Miller (the famous writer whose work was banned in the U.S. until 1962), whom she had an affair with while in Paris.

Anaïs Nin was one of the first female erotica writers.

When she was 44 in 1947, Anaïs Nin met Rupert Pole, a former actor, on an elevator in Manhattan. She later married Rupert (in 1955) despite the fact that she was already married. The new couple lived together in California and her first husband ignored the marriage.


  1. I'm not familiar with her, but wow, that is totally outrageous about her "second" marriage. Given the era, I bet it was scandalous.

    1. I think it would be scandalous even now. After all, it was bigamy.
      Thank you for checking the post, Mae!

  2. She was really something else, eh? I'm glad she had the boldness of life and reached out for the cutting edge in writing. Look at her picture though-- she looks sparkling but somehow so "normal."

  3. Yes, Flossie, so normal. It proves right, once again, the saying that Appearances are deceptive.


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