May 16, 2013

Reviews (XI)

 May 15, 2013  by Lori Zalewski

Shadows of the past

Review Requested by Author
By: Carmen Stefanescu
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Format: eBook
Pages: 231
Publication Date: December 4, 2012
Genre: Paranormal Romance


The Review

Shadows of the Past is an entertaining paranormal romance that also perfectly blends in elements of horror and mystery. Original and intricate, this story with its many thrilling plot twists keeps readers at the edge of their seats. Alternating viewpoints between Genevieve, a nun living during medieval times, and Anne, living in the 1990s, Carmen Stefanescu creatively tells Genevieve’s story from childhood to adulthood as well as Anne’s attempt to reconcile with her lover, Neil.  Genevieve’s life is a difficult one filled with fear and loss, but it’s her amazing ability to overcome these horrible events that makes her such a compelling character. While haunted by ghosts, Anne shows great strength in sharing her fears with Neil, which endeared her character to me.

But, the most stunning part of this story is intensely creepy cursed forest and its connection to Genevieve and Anne. Advancing the plot, well-developed secondary characters complement Anne and her need to know what happened to Genevieve in the cursed forest. The introduction of these characters makes the reader wonder how they are connected to the people in Genevieve’s life, which adds depth to this story.

Complete with hair-raising moments, two captivating stories, and a shocking cliffhanger ending, Shadows of the Past is a well-crafted novel that leaves the reader wanting more.



  1. Yes, Amanda, it is. I am glad other readers enjoyed the story like you did!

  2. Just tweeted this review because I want to help promote a book, a story, that I loved. It was so well written and captivating and coming from an author, a brilliant writer, with English as a second language is quite an impressive feat. Kudos to Carmen Stefanescu.


  3. Thank you greatly, Paulette!
    I really appreciate your helping hand! Indeed I need it. Thank you for being my cyber author friend!

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