May 23, 2013

Reviews (XII)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Review Shadows of the Past - by Adriana Dascalu

The book is exactly what the blurb promises to be: a beautiful and touching paranormal love story that plays on the idea that love transcends time and soul mates will always search for each other.

First, I loved the premise of the book: the restless soul of a young nun from the XVth century leads Anne, its present day reincarnation, towards the place where the nun's body has been abandoned centuries ago without being aloud to find peace.

Secondly, I loved the shift between present and past, between Anne's and Genevive's stories and the way their stories are woven together. Carmen plays the visions/apparitions/dreams card and the fact that in spite of telling the story of two different female protags, she manages to create background for both Genevive and Anne.

Thirdly, I liked the descriptions the author used to put everything in place - I'm not usually a big fan of thorough descriptions, but this book is one of the few exceptions.

I'd say Carmen managed to write a beautiful, touching love story that transcends time, about overcoming adversity and one's learning, personal growth and transformation and a second love story about choices.

The end of the book is a happy one if just a little gloomy, which is understandable for such a tragic story (promising more, maybe? - I hope so).

I felt for Genevive's lack of luck, I loved Anne for her strenght and I loved the  book.


  1. Lovely review, Carmen. All the best with your novel...:)

    1. Thank you for your kind words and for leaving a comment!

  2. great review Carmen! everyone loves your book so much!

    1. Thank you Amanda!
      Not everyone but you know how the Latins say: De gustibus!

  3. Great review, I look forward to this read.

  4. Thank you, Catalina!
    I really am anxious to hear your opinion!

  5. So happy to see the good reviews come in for this, one of my favorite paranormal reads ever. Paulette

  6. Thank you Paulette!
    It warms my heart to see your comments.


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