December 3, 2014

Book Reviews (XXXIII) Mind Your Goddess

                                          Mind Your Goddess
                                           by Flossie Benton Rogers
Razzle dazzle -- cool jazz and hot kisses…
The Goddess Epona is breathless over a lover’s tryst with Eshigel, the dark Guardian of the Between. Before she can meet him, she must hear the pleas of her Dark of the Moon supplicants. Strange requests originate from a captive little girl and a succubus seeking revenge. Then, Epona is attacked and abducted.
Epona awakens stranded in the human realm in the Roaring 20’s. With her powers nullified, she assumes the guise of a flapper in a speakeasy. Knowing the little girl is nearby, Epona seeks to save her.
Eshigel rushes to find his missing Goddess. To gain information he undergoes a dangerous rite involving a half woman and half serpent Lamia. After locating Epona, he vows to protect his flapper Goddess from the demons set on her destruction. Can a Goddess and her dark Guardian overcome misfortune and reclaim their love?

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My Review
 Mind Your Goddess is a delightful read for fans of fantasy. And for anyone who loves a rich, original story. Suspense, romance, and humor -- this book has a heart of pure gold. Ms. Benton’s writing is a joy to read. The flow and description take you away from real world monotony, and submerge you in a magical fiction land. A strong voice in fantasy. Definitely an author I intend to follow. Mind Your Goddess is well paced and had me captivated from the beginning. I was surprised by how much I felt while reading. If you love magic and romance, faeries and mortals mingling together in the Roaring 20’s setting, then read this book, it's fantastic! The writing style was so easy to follow- the entire story just flowed so easily!
I loved Epona character. Goddess Epona, the beautiful Goddess of fruitfulness behaves like any ordinary young woman preparing to meet her lover: She hummed, flitting about her bedchamber like a hummingbird near the sweet nectar as she prepared for her visit with Eshigel. Fussing over which outfits to pack, a naughty giggle escaped her lips. But instead of the date she is preparing for, she finds herself thrown into the human realm, among fluttery people dressed in beads and shiny clothes, who laughed and danced on fast, peppy music. What is worse, she no longer possesses her magic powers. Will Eshigel, the dark Guardian of the Between, her lover, manage to find and save Eppie? Will Darla’s vengeful scheme manage to thwart Eshigel’s attempt? I hate spoilers so I won’t give more details. The author creates a world that enthralls readers and you find yourself turning the pages and somehow you can't get enough.The ending made my heart sing. My rating:

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  1. What a great review, Carrmen. I have to agree with you too about Flossie's writing and this enjoyable novella. I read this one a while ago and found it a true delight!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Mae!
      Yes, as I wrote in the review, Flossie's novel was a delightful read.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review, Carmen! Thanks for your support too, Mae.

    1. You are most welcome, Flossie!
      I must thank you for giving me the opportunity to read your lovely book!


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