May 3, 2015

Mysterious Romania (XI) Black Sea Underground Tunnels

"The truth is out there......but are we willing to accept it when we find it?"
Conspiracy or public paranoia? There are theories claiming that the earth is hollow, and that there’s a possibility of either people or humanoids of some sort living deep underground. As in all cases there are supporters of this theory, as well as people who say these ideas are laughable. I speak here not about tunnels, mines and other various caves created by nature. I refer to the underground cavities, rooms whose walls are clearly created by machines, by unknown civilizations. They span the whole world -- Crimea and the Caucasus, Mexico, Peru, Chile, United States of America in Idaho or California. Romania has its underground tunnels too. Their origins or purpose aren't known.

I tend to take the part of those who speak about another civilization who lived or still lives underground. How could one explain then the existence of the long, huge tunnels under the Black Sea linking the Romanian seaside to a neighboring country, Turkey?

Underground trade. According to a chronicle written before World War I, the people living in Dobrogea, the region in the south-east of Romania, used underground tunnels, of thousands of kilometers long, to take their sheep to Turkey. Nobody really knows who or why or when built these tunnels. The chronicle mentions that sheep export was made not on land or by ship. It was done using the two tunnels of impressive dimensions. They seem to start from the south of Dobrogea (south Romania) and Cadrilater and they cross the Black Sea. Peasants especially used them to take their sheep to Turkey. During the War the access entrances were closed – for security reasons -  and they were guarded. It is also said that during the communist era the Securitate (political police) knew about the existence of these megalithic tunnels and nobody was allowed to come close to them.

It seems that the soldiers working to build the Danube – Black Sea Canal, discovered by sheer chance an access entrance to these tunnels. It was in a village cemetery and they say it was used by the workers at the Canal to cross to Bulgaria.
Suppositions.The mystery  is a fascinating one, as it is supposed that these tunnels were built thousands of years before our era by an extremely advanced technologically civilization, judging the complexity of such tunnels under an entire sea. But by whom and when they were created, and what for?

Scientists estimate that every 200 million years there is a global disaster on Earth -- asteroids falling and associated earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, floods surge. The result is   the disappearance of up to 80 percent of the fauna and flora. Perhaps the ancient civilizations knew about these cycles and wishing to avoid their effects, created a network of tunnels and underground structures throughout the world to hide in them and to be independent in their activities from the catastrophic events occurring on the surface.

Anyway this isn’t the only odd thing linked to the Black Sea. In a future post I will enlarge about another intriguing phenomenon.


  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly, Carmen. I remember thinking in 4th grade that there was much of history that we did not know and that older cycles have come and gone. I feel it in my bones. I'd love to discuss it more with you in future. Great post!

    1. It's so frustrating when we realize how little we know, or that things we take to be as the truth, are far from being it. Yes, I'd like to talk about these things though the more I read the more it makes me aware of how insignificant we are in the wheel-spin of human history.
      Thanks for checking the post, Flossie!

  2. A fascinating post and thank you for sharing it with us. I do agree the hollow earth theory is one that I have always wondered about. I also agree with Flossie, our small span as humans is a tiny fraction in the time the Earth has existed. There is a lot for us to discover yet.

    1. I'm glad I captured your attention. You are perfectly right. We are just grain of sands, in the vast desert, no matter how important we like to think we are.Thanks for visiting, Daisy!

    2. Is it possible to visit this tunnels? Where are they?

    3. Allegedly, soldiers at work on construction of the Danube-Black Sea Channel in the 1980s accidentally stumbled across a secret entrance into the mysterious tunnels in a cemetery in the Murfatlar area, and used it to secretly cross over into Bulgaria. Murfatlar is well known in Dobrogea. But I have no knowledge if the tunnels are open nowadays. I think not.

  3. I have had a lot of such questions. Not just pertaining to the tunnels but beyond the traditional beliefs.
    The ancient Indian texts talk on 3 worlds "Deva loka" (world of God's) "bhu Loka" (world of land) and "paatal loka"(underground world).The tales talk on spells that sent a person to the underground world as form of punishment. The texts give so much of information that is now being unravelled by science. For example the recent path to sun, the extromagnetic path that links between all planets. The so called Gods moved from one planet to another.So much more, it also talks about such short cuts from Himalayas to Indian Ocean. The laser beams on their palms, so much powerful energy. How did they do it. Similar mystery on Giza pyramids.Laser cut rocks,explosion in the underground rooms. Cracks in walls. All such proofs clearly show the evidence of ET and more, show that religion is a major hindrance in the path of advanced science. Everyone wants to hide the facts.


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