April 8, 2016

Guest Promo (CXLIV) Caroline Clemmons

Let's give a warm welcome to Caroline Clemmons, an USA author who is my visitor today.

She reveals a few things about one of her novels
                                  Grant Me The Moon 

All Tory Fraser intended was to show her high school history club students a local archeology dig. How could she know the excursion would involve a murder? Or that one of her students would be suspected as the killer? And she had no idea she would meet the man of her dreams.

Grant Grayson has taken over management of Grayson Ranch near Post, Texas to give his grandfather a less arduous schedule. A flash flood washed away an old talus slope on the ranch to reveal a prehistoric cave that is a Clovis site. Being a good citizen, he invited the nearest large university archaeology department to excavate the cave. When a gorgeous blonde high school teacher asks his permission to take her students to the site, how can he deny her? Especially when he is instantly attracted to her as he’s never been to anyone.

Tory and Grant are drawn in to the investigation to clear her student but unintentionally make themselves a target. Now they must evade the killer to celebrate their new found love.
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Thinking about the gorgeous blonde he’d be taking to dinner, Grant couldn’t believe his luck. Not that he was desperate for feminine companionship. But, lately he’d avoided any romantic entanglements. Whoa, he was getting ahead of himself—this was only dinner.

He couldn’t get over seeing her on his doorstep. Until she’d banged on the screen he’d been sound asleep. When he’d opened the door, he hadn’t been sure she wasn’t his imagination working overtime.

Oh, man, she’d looked gorgeous but cold as ice. When, instead of getting mad at Elvis, she laughed at his slobbery kisses, she’d disproved the snow queen impression he’d gotten. Recalling her sparkling blue eyes and beautiful features heated his body.

He’d spied her left hand and been relieved there was no ring there. Of course, that didn’t mean she wasn’t involved with someone—even engaged. Accepting his dinner invitation meant she was at least open to a new man in her life.

He rang the bell, wondering what Mrs. Stafford had said when she learned he was calling on her granddaughter.

Tory answered the door. “Come in and say hello to Grandma.”

He stepped inside the Craftsman-style home. Mrs. Stafford was seated in an armchair by the unlit fireplace. She’d aged considerably since he’d last seen her, but her blue eyes still twinkled.

“Hello, young man. How nice to see you again.”

“I’m happy to see you looking so well, Mrs. Stafford. When you retired after I was in your class, I thought maybe I’d soured you for teaching.”

Her laugh peeled away years and she became the woman he remembered. “No such thing, as you must know. I had enough years to retire, so I did. My husband and I had always wanted to travel. We took some wonderful trips and created many happy memories.”

Tory leaned down to kiss her grandmother’s cheek. “Eat the dinner I left in the oven. And a salad is in the fridge. Don’t wait up for me.”

Mrs. Stafford swatted Tory on her rear. “Run along with you, Miss Bossy Pants. Have a nice evening, you two. I’m going to eat and go to bed as soon as my show is over, so be quiet when you come in.”


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 Author bio and social links

Caroline Clemmons is an Amazon bestselling and award winning author of historical and contemporary western romances. A frequent speaker at conferences and seminars, she has taught workshops on characterization, point of view, and layering a novel.

Caroline and her husband live in the heart of Texas cowboy country with their menagerie of rescued pets. When she’s not indulging her passion for writing, Caroline enjoys time with family, reading, travel, antiquing, genealogy, and getting together with friends. Find her on her BlogWebsite, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Google+, and Pinterest. Subscribe to her newsletter here to receive a FREE novella of HAPPY IS THE BRIDE.


  1. Caroline's story is sure to keep the reader's attention. Two enticing lead characters plus tinges of mystery and danger. Great title and cover.

    1. Yes, Flossie, the type of story we both enjoy. Thank you for checking the post!

    2. Thank you Flossie. I hope you will read the anthology and my novella in it.

  2. I love when an author weaves mystery with romance. This sounds like an enticing read!

    1. I am glad you find it to your liking, Mar.
      Thank you for stopping by!

    2. Mae, I love a little mystery with romance. Can't help myself. :)

  3. Carmen, you have a beautiful blogsite. Thank you so much for hosting me today.

    1. My pleasure, Caroline!
      Thank you for the kind words, and come back whenever you need a promo!

  4. Carmen, thank you for hosting our anthology. Love the background of your blogsite!

    1. My pleasure, Hebby! And it's also a great cause it was meant to. Hope it will get the deserved attention from readers all over.


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