April 13, 2016

Wednesday Writing Wisdom (45) David Baldacci

His advice to aspiring writers ,“Read a lot. Whatever genre you want to write in, just read a lot of it. If writers want to be successful, they need to be infinitely sure about what they are writing about. You don’t necessarily have to write only about things you know. You can write about things you would like to know, that gives you the passion to find out more.”

David Baldacci
       (August 5, 1960)
 Fun facts about:

The serious writing of David Baldacci started when he already practiced school. He used late evening hours and dark ones in the morning to create his first ever novel Absolute Power. It took three years to finish it. Absolute power was made to a film with Clint Eastwood, Ed Harris, Gene Hackman and Judy Davis. It earned $50 million, the same amount of money that the filming cost to producers.

To complete a book David Baldacci needs at least a year. He puts a minimum of four months for research.

Baldacci is famous being behind the schedule with his novels. This is the time when he sits and start writing for 10-15 hours per day.

2011 was the most productive year in David Baldacci’s career. He published three books The Sixth Man, One Summer and Zero Day.


  1. Amazing that his first novel was made into a film with such high caliber stars--every writer's dream! :)

  2. Big sigh! Yes, a dream come true. For him.
    And he takes his time while writing, as you can see.
    I read a couple of his novels and enjoyed them.

  3. His books are amazing, and I did not realize he's known for being behind schedule. That's an interesting tidbit.


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