March 6, 2014

Book Reviews (XXVII)

   Solitude Interrupted
    by      L J Scar
Laken -  I've learned to live with my past, locking my secrets and memories inside. I'm getting a fresh start right out of college, with just myself and a dog to answer to. The problem is my landlord, Cole. He doesn't get that I need to keep my distance. He doesn't understand why I'm not an open book. He jokes that I am on the run. Maybe I am. But this remoteness is what I need to put what happened in perspective, to put myself back together. I'm not running for the hills despite Cole's pursuit. I may just end up running into his arms.

Cole - When you co-own an outfitter that specializes in guiding white water rafters everyday is an adventure. The elusive, blond beauty who rented my neighboring, riverside cabin was not what I expected. My brother and friend gave her two nights before she couldn't take living out in the woods alone next to a relentless flirt who hadn't shaved in six months just to win a bet. She said she came here to figure her life out without any distractions, at least not the romantic kind. But I love a challenge, I'm a thrill seeker. She needs a little excitement and I'm more than determined to be the one who interrupts her solitude.                                        

Funny, thoughtful, and heart wrenching - "Solitude Interrupted" is the unforgettable love story of a courageous girl who overcame so much and the reckless adventurer who couldn't turn away from her.

    My Review
The story and concept of Solitude Interrupted were pretty unique and kept my attention the whole time. The dialogue flows and the characterization is great. This is what I liked most, that the characters are very well-drawn and there is a goodly dose of tension and the unexpected in the plot.

I loved the characters the second I met them. Laken is a sweet girl, but with a strong personality.

Chapter I starts with Laken Harrison and her dog Kona who goes to West Virginia, to a rental cabin where, Mosquitoes, gnats, and ticks can drive a person crazy.

Laken’s words are a first hint of the turmoil of her soul. “I tried to stay focused, forcing myself to be brave. I’d made my choice…to be alone.” The whole Part I is told in this main character’s POV. A real quest of self discovery for Laken and not only. Laken has escaped personal tragedy and has come to West Virginia to find courage and seek independence. She tells herself to expect nothing, especially not kindness, least of all from men.

 Each one of the characters has such a wealth of personality and backstory, rich with depth and layers that the reader quickly becomes vested in each, as they are so real. It’s all about love, fear, loss, acceptance and a deeper, richer love that develops.

L J Scar is an author who delivers and elicits emotion from the reader with her Solitude Interrupted novel. She has a flair for allowing readers to experience the chemistry and the love between her characters, and you will always feel a connection to her story and characters. She manages in finding the perfect balance of emotion and steam.

L.J. Scar says she likes to read "love stories that don't always have the ending you expect about people who are real, get hurt and get back up!" It’s a perfect way to describe Solitude Interrupted.
             I rate it five stars.

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