May 17, 2014

Mysterious Romania (II) UFOs in A Place You'd Never Imagined

Portal to a mysterious world?!
As I've promised, I'll bring to your attention those places around here, I mean Romania, that are surrounded by mystery. Areas that generate controversy, legends and make scientists raise their eyebrows or frown over the paranormal manifestations. Today  I'll tell you about another  intriguing  place in Romania.
  The strange sky at Bozioru. 
Bozioru is a commune situated in Buzau county. Many people say its fields have a special fragrance, the rocks seem to be alive and the sky is open towards a new world. The "strange sky" has a dome of unusual clearness. Its  intense tone puzzles men of science as the  shine measurements  made there estimated a value of 23,000 - twenty three thousand - Kelvin degrees. (The Kelvin is used in the measure of the color temperature of light sources.) While usually a sunny day at noon measures around 5,500K in Bozioru it has an almost six time higher value.  A huge difference that has got no explanation so far. 
 What affects and scares inhabitants
The sky has an odd effect on people who say their senses get numb and like hypnotized they feel absorbed in a kind of vortex. The more you stare at this sky, the more you feel sucked into it. People living in the area speak of a tunnel that link Bozioru with the Bucegi mountains, but scientists deny it. And not only the sky is a strange phenomenon. Locals speak about mysterious  persons disappearances,  people who either never appear again or appear in some other places, but not able to tell what happened to them. Electronic devices become nonfunctional. The existence of radioactive springs called by people immortal waters. Magnetic anomalies. UFOs sightings. 
 Want to know more? 
Well, there is an activation of telepathic phenomena and also other extra sensorial events felt by the people who get in those areas.
Historians state that this is the area where Christianity started in Romania. Others link the strange things happening here to several archeological discoveries made by a peasant, twenty years ago. The man found skeletons and skulls of huge  people, around 2,4 meters high. Some say it must have belonged to an unidentified, extremely advanced civilization. Very likely, its people had to leave Terra because of unexpected events.Of course the theory has never been proven or hasn't been made public, yet, there are elements pointing to it: an unusually black soil, as the result of deep burning, a peak that is energetically charged, attracting all lightnings and  magnetic anomalies.
Tests baffled scientists
 Game-like tests have been performed in the area. The participants have been divided into two groups and climbing on two different peaks  they had to exchange, telepathically, their thoughts or other info. The clearer the sky, the more accurate the exchange of info proved to be.  These perceptions, some claim, made possible the accurate discovery of archaeological vestiges. As if the land itself told the  people where these vestiges were.
Mention should be made of a bizarre coincidence between the occult names of the Summerian civilization and the place we are talking about - Buzur – Bozioru. Buzur was an enigmatic god, having as symbol a triangle. He was the one who solved the secrets of the depth; people associated him with a god of the mines. It was as if this god resonated with the people experiencing the perception and helped them discover the vestiges hidden underground.
 Bozioru sky is included in the list of unique phenomena in the world.
Let me know, please, if you have ever visited the area or what do you think about it! 
If you missed the first part of Mysterious Romania, you can read it on 1st May posting.
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  1. I just wanted to know if you know anything about these names for Romania historically: Morcala, Ghanala, Mernala, Renela, Laka, Bala, Ghena, Ghenala, Ginser, The Gitsers, Miss Lock, Senser Inter, Ola , Molak, Enela, Onala, Lava, Merlina, Sennela, Inkener, Morkala, Ursala, Sernala, Merka, Versse, Genersen. They're from something called Romania Underground Lockers. I can't find any more information about it. If not thanks anyway.

    1. There are no such names in Romanian. Even back in history these aren't something to be found. Not in chronicles or documents.
      As I wrote historical novels I studied thoroughly Romanian history during Middle Ages so I know what I am talking about.

      These names sound like some new invented ones for fantasy fiction.


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