July 3, 2014

Book Reviews (XXXI)

                     How to Promote and Market your Book 
                                                                by Madi Preda
 How to make the most of social media marketing, where to start? Detailed, accessible and practical advice on what to do and how to do it. Planning and research are often forgotten in the rush of get a book published and drawing up a marketing plan and carefully planned campaign are the only way to ensure the success of your book and to meet the readers' requirements.See the benefits in minutes.
Who is it For: Any author who wants to create and launch a successful book, or people who chose publishing as a career.

How to Promote and Market Your Book provides concepts, terms, tactics, new techniques and innovative strategies.

What It Will Help You Do: This guide walks you all the way through the development of author’s brand and improving sales. Madi Preda covers a wide range of topics: brainstorming, marketing plans for different genres, figuring out your target market and the right niche, designing a website or a media press kit, dealing with social media, using email marketing and having a launch to be remembered.
What’s Included: This efficient guide includes valuable resources lists, such as book bloggers, publishers, literary agents, newspapers and magazines, independent booksellers, Facebook groups,sites to promote a book, and radio shows for authors. Following the author's lists you can pitch media, request an interview, send newsletters to booksellers, and set up your virtual tour.

How To Promote and Market Your Book by Madi Preda is an easy to read and understandable guide designed to help every author to chart their own path and stand up and say to the world “Here is my book” and communicate the message from between the covers in an original way that calls to action and makes their book a must read.

The readers will:

- understand why a strategic planning can be a significant advantage

- get used to marketing techniques tailored to specific genres including guidance in identifying the right audience and find useful contacts

- build a strong online presence and author’s platform while learning strategies for maximizing exposure and increase sales.

 About the author

Madi Preda is a freelance publicist, who started doing promotion for books and writers when her husband published his two novels.Authors PR Madi Preda works with authors and publishers to create effective online marketing campaigns for traditional, self-published and print-on-demand books. At Authors PR she promotes all genres, including romance, mystery, thrillers, inspirational, spirituality, self-help, how-to, literary fiction, business, parenting, relationships and more. She created publicity campaigns for many writers, traditional or self published, publicizing more than 50 books within a year of launching her first campaign. Madi is helping authors to gain more exposure and media coverage through her online marketing campaigns and as a result of her experience she decided to write a practical guide for authors, or aspiring writers, in marketing, explaining step by step how to make a book successful from the manuscript stage to wholesale distribution.

                                                   My review

I will start my review with the author’s own words: “Writing a book without promoting it is like waving to someone in a dark room. You know what have you done but nobody else does.”
 As an author with a released book on the market and two more in the edit stage, I was extremely interested in reading this How to… type of book. It's the area where many authors shy away--book promotion. I am pleasantly impressed as it’s written in an easy to understand and friendly way, explaining step by step what to do in order to get your book to readers, marketing trends, and how to make them work to develop your brand as an author and improve sales. It’s intended  both for writers who have only a little experience in marketing and public relations, but a huge amount determination to succeed, as well as for professional writers..
Tips for Networking and Social Media, Blogging – Tips to attract readers, 30 Book Marketing Tips, Virtual Book Tour are only a few of the steps every author self published or published with a publishing house must take. Many writers fall into the trap where a book is written and assume it'll reach the masses automatically. As we all know, this isn't the case Staying aside, doing nothing and waiting people to hear about your “masterpiece” is a huge mistake that will be mirrored in the big Zero in your sales report. After each chapter I found myself really thinking about the concept, and trying to figure out how I could apply it to my situation. I also thought that the advice on Blogging – Tips to attract readers, and How to Generate Sales for a New Released Book and promoting via Pinterest is better than I read elsewhere.
Complete with List of Independent Book Distributors, and Case studies the resources in this book will give you plenty of ideas to carry out and promote your book. Buy, read and apply this book. Don’t miss your best chance to promote your book and yourself. Highly recommended.
                                     My rating Five Stars 

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