July 8, 2014

Reviews (XXVIII)

Not An Ordinary Paranormal Romance 
 5 stars
April 22, 2014
This review is from: Shadows of the Past (Kindle Edition)
Carmen Stefanescu weaves a story that ties a tragedy from the 1400's to a present day couple. Justice and closure take half a millennium to come to fruition.

Genevieve is a child that meets a harsh set of circumstances in the 1400's. Everyone she comes to care about meets with a horrible fate. Each time it seems she's found some semblance of happiness it's torn away. Under the most bizarre happenstance she finds her true love.

Moving forward 500 years we meet Anne. Her unsettled life is haunted by feelings and visions she tries desperately to unravel. The knocks in her love life come together as she fights through this ghostly mystery. I don't want to issue spoilers.

This book has elements of romance and horror that made it a fun read for me. I lean toward horror, usually, but found this tale captivating. It certainly moves along with well-crafted prose and finishes with a satisfying ending.
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