August 24, 2014

Mysterious Romania (V) Spooks in Dracula's Country

  Ghosts - reality or imagination
Let me ask you something. Do you believe in ghosts, phantoms? Is science able to explain them?

Ghosts belong to the most mysterious phenomena studied by parapsychology. Objects that are moved from their places by unseen forces, knocks in walls, sounds of footsteps made by invisible beings, misty human figures. All these are usually explained by scientists as a form of psychokinesis. There's also mention of a "memory of objects". The most interesting explanations come from the field of  quantum physics. Modern physics has dematerialized matter. What we call the "other world” is nothing but a world beyond our perceptions, but not beyond our reality.
Ancients had meals with the dead
 There are numerous references to ghosts in the Hebrew Bible, in Mesopotamian religions as well as in ancient Egyptian culture. The belief that we are visited by the ghosts of the deceased friends and relatives was common among those peoples. In  ancient Athens, Greece, the end of February was dedicated to deceased relatives, as Greeks believed that ghosts came from Hades and mingled with the inhabitants on earth. For three days in a row, there were rich meals with special dishes served to the dead. There are all kind of traditions similar to this one. I can compare it to Romanian 'parastas'or 'pomenire' when relatives of a deceased person give food to other people, especially poor ones, with the belief that the dead person will eat from it too.
 Message from the other world
 They say that a ghost comes with a message for the relatives left behind on earth, a piece of info to help the dear ones who are alive, or to appease their suffering.
The people involved in studying the phenomenon speak about two types of apparitions: ghosts linked to people and ghosts linked to places. The former last only for a few weeks. With the latter type of ghosts, things are more complicated. Haunted locations are usually old castles or houses.The ghosts are noticed in the same location for generations."The Gray Lady", the British ghost, is a perfect example. The author Conan Doyle was very interested in this phenomenon and his book "The Edge of the Unknown" is dedicated to it, though he couldn't find an explanation.
Frequently, the apparition of a ghost is preceded or announced by a feeling of cold, by a freezing drought. This confirms the theory that ghosts use energy to take shape. They absorb the ambient energy and the temperature drops down. Creepy, isn't it? 
Haunted Romania
My country, Romania, known to many as Dracula's country,  has its haunted places too. It has, in fact, according to all kind of reports, a long tradition of haunted places, of houses regularly visited by ghosts and tragic stories that lead to dark legends. Paranormal is at home in Romania. Chiajna Monastery in Bucharest, the Parliament House in Bucharest,
Hotel Cismigiu in Bucharest, Hoia Baciu Forest near Cluj, Poenari Castle and many others; the places have included reports of ghostly apparitions, poltergeist activity, shadowy figures, orbs, spirit possessions, EVP's, and other unusual phenomena.

  Ghosts with exquisite taste for accommodation 

The image posted  here stirred the enthusiasts’ imagination. It was taken in Romania, at Herculane Bai, at a hotel by a guest spending the vacation there. The image is that of a woman dressed in white. Decebal Hotel is one hundred and fifty years old and many say that deep down, at its foundations, Dacian and Roman treasures wait to be discovered. The hotel was closed for five years for renovations. It seems that some people tried during this time to dig and find the awesome ancient treasures. The ghost – that according to some would belong to a Dacian priest, appeared to protect the alleged treasure and to drive the looters away. I don’t know what credit can be given to the picture but in 2008 it was the headline in newspapers and television news.
 Passion crime leads to haunting
 Braila, my town, has its haunted places too. Bellow is the image of the famous "house with ghosts" in Braila, situated on Aslan street.
They say the house belonged to an old wealthy Greek trademan, Nicolachi Mavrocordulas, who married a young  beautiful woman, Voica, the daughter of a peasant from Insuratei village. The sixty year old Greek bought Voica  from her family, and had a large mansion built for her. The Greek had no idea or ignored the fact he'd bought Voica but not her heart that was given to a young man from her village. She didn’t love him and, one day, when he returned home, found her in the arms of her young lover. Nicolachi shot Voica, buried her in the wall of the house and left Romania, after selling the house. None of the people who bought the house could stay there for long. Soon the rumor that the house was haunted  by Voica’s  ghost spread in the town.The house was turned into an old people's home as no willing customer appeared any more.
 Weeping apparition frightens residents
Even nowadays the elderly people living  in this house or the nursing staff speak of a nightly apparition. A woman, heavily veiled, passes from room to room, crying and calling what they take to be her lover’s name. Witnesses say it  always happens at the time of the year when Nicolachi killed Voica. The  ghost harms nobody, yet people are distressed  and frightened by her wails and sobs.
 Touching ghost story
I do believe that ghosts exist. They are souls that haven't fulfilled their mission on earth and are still haunting the places they lived in. If you read my paranormal Shadows of the Past you'll find out why Genevieve's ghost haunts the forest where Anne and Neil get lost. Tell me what you think, then!
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  1. Scary and intriguing post, Carmen. I would definitely never want to come across a ghost, but I think some of the really old history related to them is interesting. I stayed in a hotel once that was supposed to have a resident ghost (her name was Mary). I didn't find out about it until AFTER I had booked the hotel or I wouldn't have elected to stay there, LOL. I am such a wuss about that stuff. Fortunately, Mary never made a visit!

    1. Glad you passed by and left a comment, Mae. Thank you! To tell you the truth, though I like to read and even write about ghosts, I'm not sure how I would react meeting one. There are many places, all over the world, that are told to be haunted. There must be something. You know the saying, there's no smoke without a fire!

  2. Hi Carmen!
    Very interesting stuff....
    It's surprising that I should come across your blog. just recently my sister saw a hooded apparition or shadow or whatever and sent me a picture of it...
    I have written a novel on these lines
    Trapped in the mind Zone
    Here is the link
    Do read and see if you like...

    1. As I sated in the post, I believe in such entities. There are so many unsolved questions around here, that I often wonder why scientists don't try to do it. Or won't try.
      I will definitely check your book. And regarding what your sister saw it makes me wonder. . . There are rumors about the frequent apparition of Shadow People, paranormal entities. Check it on the Google. I have a pin on my Pinterest board about them. You can reach my pinterest from my Contact tag on top. Thanks for passing by and best of luck with your writing!

  3. So fascinating. It makes me think of being a ghost chaser. Sometimes I hear ghosts aren't always cruel and malevolent. It would be interesting to document the differences. A very good article Carmen. Romania sounds so mysterious.

    1. Thank you Mary for passing by and leaving a comment. You are right. It seems that many of the ghosts are just souls that haven't fulfilled their mission on earth. They died before their time. Like Genevieve in my novel. But, I'm not sure if I'd like to test the theory and meet one. It depends. If it were someone dear to me, a relative, perhaps I won't be afraid. Otherwise. . .

  4. Fascinating post, Carmen. You live in a place filled with such wonderful old myths and legends-- and probably-- ghosts! Very old history. Thanks for the information.

    1. Thank you for stopping by!
      Yes, there are endless sources of inspiration around here.
      As about ghosts I am sure they are a part of our lives too. Nobody proved it otherwise.

  5. Reading stories about ghosts is my best, Carmen. I believe the ghosts exist. I have never seen one, but I believe they are somewhere. I believe that my dead parents live with me and taking care of me. I don't know if it is a myth or the reality but I believe. Your article is very interesting and taught me about things I didn't know. Really in ancient Athens in Greece the end of February was dedicated to deceased relatives?? I didn't know that. Thank you Carmen for letting me learn about all these.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Elina, and for leaving a comment!
      As my article points, I do believe in ghosts in reincarnation and this is the main theme of my books. Glad you enjoyed the article. And I'm glad we share the same beliefs!


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