September 28, 2014

Guest Promo (LVI) #Romancing September Day 28

Welcome to Day 28 of Romancing September Across The World Tour. Today our guest is Liz Everly. Catch up with more from Liz in a few hours with the second part of our tour when Stephanie chats to her.
Like Honey (eBook)
Where is your home town?
My hometown is Aliquippa, Pa., just outside of Pittsburgh.
How long have you been writing romance?
About five years.
What is your favourite sub-genre of romance?
It’s a toss up between erotic romance and historical.
What originally brought Jennifer to Scotland?
Jennifer had a mad love affair with a man who inherited the farm. They married and moved to Scotland.
Where can readers find out more about you?
Liz Everly
Amazon Author Page
Twitter @Liz Everly1
The entire post is on Rosie's blog.

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