October 28, 2014

Writing Tips (V)

                          Be more descriptive in your writing.

We all know that descriptive words are those key words and phrases we use to describe, to display an accurate picture of a character and his actions, or to tell a story.  They help readers see, in their mind's eye, our characters acting, speaking and feeling in ways that make them believable, real.There are long lists of descriptive words that authors can use in their writing: for commentary, for characters - physical qualities, mental qualities, moral qualities or spiritual ones- both positive and negative.And don't think that only adjectives are descriptive words. Not at all. There are adverbs or gerund forms used as descriptive.It will be impossible to present them all. Instead I post today two lists with descriptive words, frequently used, and their synonyms. I found them on Pinterest. You can find more on my Pinterest account.


  1. What a wonderful list, Carmen! I have shared to pinterest, google, and twitter. I'll be referring to it, I'm sure. By the way, I bought your wonderful sounding book, Shadows of the Past, and am looking forward to getting time to delve into it, hopefully soon!

  2. I am glad you find it useful. I started this series of posts Writing Tips a while ago with the idea to help others with what I found useful too.
    Oh,I keep my fingers crossed and hope you will enjoy my story.

  3. I'm sure I will. We seem to have tastes in common!

  4. A nice visual look at descriptive words, Carmen! Writing descriptions is perhaps my favorite part of creating a novel. It's kind of like an artist playing with a paint brush :)

    1. Exactly! A perfect description of what they mean or can do. Thanks for stopping by!


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