October 24, 2014


The smoky autumn air
sneaks into my heart,

Veiled in thick, gray layers
of ominous rain.

Mourning for the summer,
that abandoned us,

I still look for sunshine,
but, I look in vain!

Gone is now the wealth
of brilliant flowers,

Greeting me at sunrise
with dew moistened eyes.

Only gold and rust
colored, fallen leaves

Muffle my lost footsteps
and disheartened cries!

Glowworms and grasshoppers
have already left.

Empty, desolated
are the swallows’ nests.

Spiders span the branches
with gossamer thread,

Draping the whole garden
for the winter rest.


  1. You've done a wonderful job of capturing the imagery of autumn, Carmen, and the picture is a perfect match for the mood your poetry conjures. Poignant and lovely.

    1. Thank you, Mae, for stopping by and your comment on my lines!

  2. This is so beautiful and evocative, and captures perfectly how I feel about these autumn days! There is no one quite like you, Carmen, for painting a picture with words!

    1. I started writing with poetry, in fact. I am glad you like it. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  3. Lovely description of autumn. Your words made my day. Thanks, Carmen...

    1. Glad to see you stopped by and that you enjoyed this little poem. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  4. How beautiful, Carmen, and it perfectly evokes the desolate chill that can overtake us this time of year as we move into stillness along with mother earth. It makes us stop and look within to see what we really want and what we have to give to the world.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Flossie!
      Your words are as evocative as my poem.

  5. Oh my! This is beautiful, Carmen. Yet, this time of year is a reflection for me--taking stock of the past year, good and bad. A time of rest and renewal. Furthermore, I become alive during these months, so this is why it's my favorite season.

    1. I understand you Mary. It is perhaps a better moment of the year, for you, if we think where you live - the heat and its disadvantages. Otherwise I agree with you regarding taking stock of what happened in the months that passed.
      Thank you for visiting and have a great week, my friend!


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