September 7, 2015

Book Review (XLI) Christmas Carols

I bring to your attention a book I have just read and that warmed my heart,
      Daisy Banks's   Victorian romance      Christmas Carols                                    
Stephen Grafton, the blind organist at Holy Trinity Church, is gaining a reputation for his fine playing and compositions. Alice Broadbrace’s initial venture back into society after years in deep mourning brings her to the notice of the talented organist, and he offers her the opportunity to sing a solo carol to his accompaniment. His courage convinces her to find her own, while her charm entices him into thoughts of romance. A difficult walk in a snow storm is only the beginning of Stephen and Alice’s journey to happiness. Enjoy this sweet Victorian tale of talent and love blossoming

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My Review

Ms Banks's stories take a tight grip of your heart and soul and never let go.

I was drawn into the story straight away  and loved how the story of Stephen and Alice continued to unfold and the ending was just perfect. I felt an emotional connection to both of them. Christmas Carols is a sweet Victorian romance that feels your heart with warmth. The perfect read for me at the right moment – I was in need of something to uplift my spirits and it did.  The writing is so vivid and beautiful that Daisy Banks has gained a new fan! The author  is a  master wordsmith.

 The love story between the blind organist and the young widow who has to obey the strict and absurd rules of the Victorian era is perfect, so evocative and wonderful! And Blue, Stephen’s dog companion is a perfect secondary character. My only complaints are that the story was too short and that all they give Blue in the story is water.  If you want a quick and easy read with wonderful chemistry between the main protagonists, Christmas Carols is the one. My rating



  1. Daisy, I hope your book is going gangbusters! With everything going on, I haven't had a chance to read it yet but am looking forward to it. Thanks, Carmen:)

    1. Thanks for visiting, Flossie! I hope things will settle for the better for you soon.
      Christmas Carols is a pleasant pastime. I know for me it was the perfect read.

    2. Thanks so much for the good wishes, Flossie. I hope you reach calmer waters soon.

  2. Thank you so much for your delightful review, Carmen. I am blushing. My ambition to earn the title wordsmith is a step closer and I'm very proud you selected that term and attached my name to it. I am thrilled you enjoyed the story.

    1. You and your story deserve the praise words, Daisy!
      I feel like it. Best of luck with your writing and finding new ideas for other lovely stories!

  3. I loved this book and see it as one I will read more than once, enjoying it each holiday season. What a fabulous sweet story set in one of my favorite eras. I applaud Daisy for a tale well told!

    1. I can't but agree with everything you said, Mae.
      Thank you for checking the review!


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