September 12, 2015

Writing Tips (XII) The Making of a Writer

  Instead of posting here my "piece of advice", I  invite you to accompany me to Pennsylvania.

  Those of you who follow my blog  know that I like to promote other fellow authors and their enticing books. There are also many of them who, in their turn,  help me promote my paranormal/light romance/light history/light horror

                                     Shadows of the Past

  I'm  a guest at Meredith Bond’s blog, today.  She was so kind to host me with a promo for my book as well as  a post linked to writing - 
                                       The Making of a Writer. 

 If you’d like to visit and see what's it about, here's the link:

 Thank you, in advance, for your reading the post on Meredith's blog,  and leaving a comment!
                                     Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Wow, Carmen, great post on Meredith's blog. I left a comment. I didn't know about Author Marketing Club or AuthorsDen. I think I've heard of the latter but haven't used it. I pulled them up and will look at them tomorrow. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you, Flossie, for your permanent support!
      The comment isn't up yet, I will check later.
      These two have logos on my page, here. One is on the left hand side, the big one, the other, Authors Den is on the right hand side, a smaller icon. It's another way of making your name known, I think.

    2. I see. That one on the left really looks impressive.

  2. Great post on Meredith's blog, Carmen. I hopped over and left a comment for you (I've also enjoyed a few of Meredith's books, too). I wasn't familiar with several of the sites you mentioned in your post and am already looking into them, Thanks for sharing the info!

    1. Hopefully it will appear as for the moment it's not live. I am member of all the sites I mentioned. I still hope they are of some use.
      Thanks for checking the post, Mae!


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