October 15, 2015

Guest Promo (CX) Paranormal Romance Thursday

Please welcome the wonderful author, Penny Estelle. Her book, 

                                                 Dugan’s Creek,

 is a must read. I’m definitely looking forward to this story. 


A devastated Heather Stone is driving eight hundred miles to cry on her sister’s shoulder, after her boyfriend of three years has dumped her. 

He needed space!  Our sex life is boring!  You need to find the passion that’s been lost!

“Well, screw you!” she yells, just as her overheated car, pings, coughs, and shudders to a stop on a deserted road by the Arizona eastern border.  Could anymore happen to her?  She grabs her purse and starts walking.  The sign Dugan’s Creek, leads her to an oasis of lush foliage and rushing water to cool off her blistered feet.

The sun starts to set and Heather is thinking this might not have been the smartest move.  Moving shadows and night sounds from the brush lets Heather know she isn’t alone at Dugan’s Creek.

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         “Space?” Heather asked slowly.
         “Look…” Steve stopped, running his hand through his hair.  “Yea - space.”
         “No, please,” Heather said, folding her arms across her chest, “continue with what you were going to say.”
         Steve plopped down on the Ethan Alan black leather, no-armed straight back chair. “It’s us, Heather.  We’ve been together for more than three years and…and, well it’s just not fun anymore.”
         She took her Liz Claiborne suit jacket off and carefully hung it on a dining room chair.  “Well excuse me if one of us needs to play the part of an adult.”
         “Christ, Heather, we never go out.  This is October!  We have had to back out of 2 different Halloween parties because you have unexpected obligations.  Don’t you remember our plan?  I was going as the werewolf and you were going to be Little Red Riding Hood?”  He watched as her face turned angry.  “Couldn't you just tell them, 'Sorry, I’ve got plans?”
 “Not if I want to get somewhere in this company!  I thought you were with me on this?” She started pacing.  “It’s all make believe, Steve.  It used to be fun to pretend, but we have to grow up.  You…you have to grow up!”
 Readers can find the author here:www.pennyestelle.blogspot.com


  1. Carmen, thanks so much for having me today! I love your site!!!

  2. I enjoyed this excerpt.

    1. I did too, Daisy. Thanks for visiting the post!

  3. What a gorgeous book cover! Wishing you much success with sales and finding new fans, Penny!

    1. A suggestive cover, indeed, Mae. Thank you for dropping by!

  4. This sounds so good, and I love the wolf and moon on the cover!

    1. I''m glad you like the cover of Penny's book!


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