January 13, 2016

Evil Spirits Lurk in the Forest #MFRWHooks


                 Shadows of the Past 
                                 Carmen Stefanescu

Anne's relationship with her boyfriend Neil has disintegrated. After a two-year separation, they pack for a week vacation in hopes of reconciling. But fate has other plans for them.
The discovery of a bejeweled cross and ancient human bones opens a door to a new and frightening world--one where the ghost of a medieval nun named Genevieve will not let Anne rest. This new world threatens not only to ruin Anne and Neil's vacation but to end all hopes of reconciliation as Anne feels compelled to help free Genevieve's soul from its torment.
Can Anne save her relationship and help Genevieve find her eternal rest?
A touching, compelling story of tragedy, loss and the power of endless love and good magic.
The twists and turns in this paranormal tale keep the reader guessing up to the end and weave themselves together into a quest to rekindle love. 

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"Come, we should leave at once," she said and glanced nervously over her shoulder. "Something terrible happened after you left for town. I think the Abbess found out about us. Our meeting in Uncle Ryan's cabin is no longer a secret. We have been overheard. For all I know someone spies on us even as we speak. I think the Abbess, or one of her 'friends,' is hovering somewhere nearby and listening to every word."
She melted in his embrace in spite of the invisible vicious threat breathing around them.
Andrew pulled Genevieve to his chest. "Do you regret you've come with me?"
Passion smothered Genevieve's doubt and guilt. "Never," she answered, aware of her body's response to his touch, and she succumbed to his embrace.
"Oh, God. Please forgive me," Andrew muttered under his breath when he bowed his head to kiss her. Their lips met in a passionate first kiss.
Genevieve's spirits fell and her heart skipped a beat when, a couple of seconds later, she opened her eyes and her gaze fell on a knot strangers.
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  1. Book Hooks is a great idea! I just hopped over to MFRW site to see what it's all about. Hope it brings lots of exposure for Shadows of the Past, which is a wonderful read!

    1. Yes, it's a great group. There are many opportunities for promoting books, learning all kind of useful things about publishing, publishers, scams, marketing.

  2. Loved the blurb, very intriguing. I love paranormal romance, so I'm totally stoked about this book. Sounds good!

    1. Thank you for the comment, Rosalie!
      Yes, most reviewers enjoyed Genevieve's story. I am sure you will enjoy it.

  3. Ooh, sounds so good! I'm already cheering for them.

    1. Well, appearances are deceptive, as the saying goes. They are in for a big surprise, trust me.
      Thank you for leaving a comment, Mary!

  4. If you haven't read Shadows of the Past, get busy. It will keep you turning the pages. Carmen, how intriguing is Book Hooks! You find the best things!

  5. Thank you for checking the post, Flossie!
    It's not my merit for it. I found it within MFRW group.


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