September 21, 2016

Book Review (LVI) Morgan D'Arcy: A Vampyre Rhapsody by Linda Nightingale

The greatest enemy of a vampire is boredom. Four centuries of existence have taught Lord Morgan Gabriel D'Arcy to fear nothing and no one. Humans and their weapons have little chance against his preternatural speed and arcane powers. Vampires are viral mutations of human DNA. Still, the Vampyre code requires secrecy, and he has learned to hide his nature from the world. The lure of mortality, of a life in the sun, puts Morgan again and again at the mercy of calculating human women though they fail to consider his charm and determination into the equation. However, even grooming a future bride from infancy proves to be fraught with heartbreak. And second chances are not always what they seem unless... you are Morgan. Immortality and beauty, aren’t they grand?
 My Review

I haven't read many vampire books.  But something in the description spoke to me. This book was a crazy ride, that's for sure. A collection of four stories  Devil’s Waltz, Sunrise Sunset, Night Moves and Intermezzo  having a character that links them all - Morgan D’Arcy, vampire. Morgan is a complicated creature.  A vampire who loves to play the piano and craves to become mortal again.

Vampires are no longer monsters, but fine seducers, purveyors of passion.

Excellent read! The author  created a story that captured and held my mind. My interest held, never wavering while my inquisitive nature wouldn't let me put this book down till I reached the last page.

The characters just come to life on the page. Dr. Amber Wolfe, scientist and temptress, will pay a too dear price for her wish to be like Morgan, immortal

Fiona Allman. dark-haired minx who offers Morgan a day in the sun in exchange for murdering a man.

Sheila the thin waif earning her living as a prostitute  but proves a real surprise for him and Ellen Amesworth are his partners in each chapter. I enjoyed all stories, but I must admit I went back and reread paragraphs from Sunset Sunrise.

I am being vague on purpose. I don't want to take from your enjoyment, so you'll have to discover all this on your own. So what are you waiting for? If you haven't read this book yet, go do it now!


  1. Thanks for the lovely review, Carmen, and especially for no plot spoilers--that's difficult with an anthology.

    1. You are most welcome, Linda!
      Though a bit too sensual for my taste, I enjoyed Morgan's adventures. Best of luck with the release, and great sales!

  2. I like vampire stories, and this one sounds different and enticing. What a great name, Gabriel D'Arcy. Best of luck to Linda!

    1. Thank you, Flossie, for checking the review!

  3. I like vampire stories, and this one sounds different and enticing. What a great name, Gabriel D'Arcy. Best of luck to Linda!


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