September 30, 2016

Till Life Do Us Part - A new lovely review

Barbara Heyer has been able to communicate with the spirits of the deceased ever since she was a child. And it was while driving her car that she heard a female voice, named Kathleen, telling her she was just been murdered. Barbara did not have the chance to figure out whose voice was it until later when the news of her brother Colin’s girlfriend’s death was revealed. As a consequence, Colin became the main suspect of the crime.

Detective Patrick Fischer is assigned to the case and will team up with Barbara to prove Colin’s innocence. But in the process, what they’re about to discover goes way beyond current circumstances and they will be thrown back in time in order for them to understand why they’re together in this venture at this time.

Time passes by with no results, until Catherine, Barbara’s neighbor, comes to scene claiming she knows how to find out Kathleen’s murderer’s identity. It
appears that only a past life regression will shed some light on the matter and hopefully clear up all confusion.

The story deals with reincarnation and past lives that intertwine together since centuries ago, showing how unfinished businesses need to come to a purposed end and reach a full circle for all humans. The explanation of a recurrent dream in one’s life might be attached to a traumatic incident in a past life, as well as the reason for us to have a natural talent in certain area without apparent logical sense. Even though stated as a hypothesis, it gives you a sense of relief that everything happens for a reason.

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  1. Carmen, congratulations on such a good review. I highly recommend your book and also used it as an example in a presentation I recently gave our writing group on From Myth to Fantasy.

    1. Oh, Flossie, thank you! Your words, as well as this review, come as a balm after a three star review that saddened me.
      I never imagined to be quoted as example.
      This blogger is from Colombia.
      She is now reading Shadows of the Past.She likes paranormal stories.

  2. I'm just finding this post now, Carmen. That's an excellent review. I hopped over and left a comment at the site too. Cheers on making another new fan! :)

  3. Yes a lovely review. The lady is reading Shadows now.


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