October 30, 2016

Book Review (LX) Macabre Sanctuary

Thrills. Chills. Shadows and superstitions. Things that go bump in the night. Macabre Sanctuary boasts suspenseful fiction designed to elicit goosebumps and raise heartrates.

Learn the lore of a haunted island.

Grapple with the undead while robbing graves Halloween night.

Endure a hazing ritual unlike any other.

Deal with a demon at an All Souls' Day celebration.

See what happens when you court death in the wild.

Battle zombies and cannibals in a quest to stay alive.

Travel back in time to witness the birth of true evil.

Fear prophetic nightmares made manifest.

Come to terms with new ethereal realities.

Befriend a feline to extend earthly life.

This collection from ten talented authors offers ghosts and demons, spirits and zombies, cannibals and killers… even a ferocious animal. Historical and contemporary tales of violence and fright keep readers on the edges of their seats. There’s something for everyone who loves spine-tingling, bone-chilling, blood-curdling stories.

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My Review

Macabre Sanctuary  is a collection of 10 short stories, that will have you hearing sounds, and hoping that you  haven’t forgotten to lock the backdoor. The descriptive tales are easy to read and will keep you turning page after page. The build up to each ending was something to look forward to!  In each of the stories, a life is about to be changed forever, with terrifying results.
Ten unique authors’ voices with one thing in common: the drive to terrify you. Not for the faint of heart! I recommend this collection for those who like a little horror in their life. All these short stories are just what horror fans are looking to find - a bit of fright for their night.
I loved them all, no matter the length. All display the deep gift of the writer in creating art that causes us to feel, be it fear or disgust.

I hope that Macabre Sanctuary will get the popularity it deserves!


  1. So glad you enjoyed it, Carmen. It was fun to participate in too.

    1. Your story,There's a Cat on my Grave, is one of the stories in this excellent collection, that stayed with me long after closing the virtual pages. Paranormal and sad at the same time.
      "When you die, you don't have to move on, as long as someone still remembers you. You can go any old time you like, but it's a one-way trip. And you have to go when nobody remembers.”
      Sad and true!
      Thank you for checking my today's post!

  2. Yes, ditto what Carmen said. That's the part that got me too. Well done! Also, macabre is one of my favorite words.

    1. These stories stirred different feelings in me- sadness, fright,disgust, curiosity. I don't know an interesting mix of well told stories. What amused me was that there were not any vampire story in it.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful review, Carmen. I'm so glad you enjoyed the stories. :)

    1. Hi Mae! I am glad you enjoyed the brief review. Being short stories I couldn’t reveal from them, you know. I thoroughly enjoyed them all. Each one had a different path and it made the collection something special. I wonder that there were no vampires, yet. Only zombies.
      Your The lady Ghost is a gem. The way things turn out and the ending.... Marvelous. I wish I had your gift with plots and words. I envy you in a most positive way.
      Best of luck with your writing!
      I'm not sure I will continue mine.

    2. Carmen thank you for your kind words about the anthology and my story. I am saddened though by your closing line. I'm just now seeing this, but I sent you an email off list. I'm hoping things work out for you, my friend!

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  5. Downloaded my copy, can't wait to read what these talented authors have written.

    Have a great day, Carmen!

    1. You'll surely have a great time reading these brilliant stories.
      Thank you for leaving a comment, Sandra!


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