August 22, 2013

Book Reviews (VI)

Book Review:
17 SYLLABLES: OF LOVE AND LIFE by Adriana Dascalu

This short collection of haiku about love and life contains the most subjective haiku poems I’ve written until now. These are the expression of my feelings and thoughts, as perceived at the respective moment. Some are love declarations, some are life lessons understood after analyzing myself and others at different stages in life. I hope you enjoy reading these pieces of my soul and mind.

Adriana Dascalu is a Romanian poet published both in the U.S. and Romania. Besides reading classic poetry and all sorts of fiction she also has a deep fascination for mythology and folklore. She loves photography, travels and discovering cultural aspects of different civilizations.

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17 Syllables: Of Love and Life is a record of  Ms. Dascalu's feelings and emotions. The readers will meet here with forty pieces of Haiku on a variety of subjects, each and every one of them excellent in their way. It can't be denied that women artists have always had a special place in the emergence of art and contributed hugely to almost every literature. Women poets over the centuries have struggled for acceptance as artists. More and more in our present days they make their voices heard. The pure and at the same time fierce complexity of her stanzas shows that, on the subject of romantic love, longing and thoughts on life, women are as eloquent as men, if not more so.

The bitter and the sweet mingle as she writes about love, the transience of love and life and beauty.

A collection of stanzas of wonder, sorrow, longing and hope that speak directly to the heart.  My rating: Five stars. 


  1. Congratulations, Adriana, for the lovely and food for thought lines!

    1. Thank you, Carmen for the lovely words in your review!


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