August 10, 2013

Guest blog with Leti Del Mar

One of my fellow authors and friends, Leti Del Mar, just brings to everyone's attention an interesting and useful book. I highly recommend it to those of you that wish to start on the adventurous path of self-publishing.

How to Self-Publish: A Do-It-YourselfApproach

Well folks... Here is my big announcement.  
Last Spring, I introduced a new feature to my blog called, "How to Self-Publish". For 12 weeks I released a new step and since its completion, it has continued to be tremendously successful and popular.  So I have decided to expand that tutorial into a new book called, How to Self-Publish: A Do-It-Yourself Approach!
This book is for anyone who has ever considered publishing their own work but has either thought the process seemed too complicated or too expensive.  My newest book will hold your hand as it guides your manuscript from your word processor to a formatted e-book and paperback.  It will show you how to launch and market your book, get reviews, and use social media to establish an author platform.  I promise to show you how this can all be accomplished for less than you would spend on a week's worth of lattes!
My Do-It-Yourself Approach is full of useful advice and practical tips any author new to the world of self-publishing can easily implement.  If you thought the information on the "How To Self-Publish" tab of my blog is helpful, well hold on to your seats.  This book expands each and every one of the steps I have previously outlined and includes lots of new information geared to help you turn that beloved manuscript into a book for sale with all the major online retailers.  I have also included a comprehensive resource section at the end.
The best news?  I am not alone in this endeavor.  I have teamed up with 6 other authors who represent a wide variety of writers including; Craig Hurren, Victoria Sawyer, Carmen Stefanescu, Clancy Tucker, Melissa Wray and Lee Zamloch.  They have each contributed their insight on topics like the importance of research, coping with bad reviews, creating a brand, utilizing feedback and much more!
I am so excited to announce that this new book will be available early September (I'm thinking September 3rd) and at the very low price of 99 cents!  So if you have ever even considered putting your beloved manuscript into the hands or readers, be sure to pick up a copy this September!


  1. absolutely wonderful post! and some of my favourite people! Carmen you bad girl! you didn't tell me you were in Leti's book!

    Leti it has been too long! we need to get together and do something! send me a email girl and we will spotlight your book on my blog too!

  2. Thank you for your comment!
    Had no idea you and Leti know each other.


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