March 4, 2015

Guest Promo (LXIX) Little Martians Learn to Count

My guest today is Madi Preda who pleasantly surprised me with a new genre of book - a children's book:
                                      Little Martians Learn to Count

"A parent's work is to create the person she or he will become"

Education starts from birth and never ending.Little Martians Learn to Count is a book created to appeal to the infinite curiosity of a child.Starting from the principle that every single kid is an individual learner, the author wrote this book aiming to help parents make math more lovable and children achieve theirs fullest intellectual potential.By giving the child independence within limits, educators and parents can create worksheets based on the book, plan theirs lessons and stimulate children's creativity.

Engage young children in Everyday Mathematics!

Author Bio:
Madi Preda was born in Romania, grew up there, under Dracula myth and the communist regime. For many years, she was working as an accountant in Galati and then moved to Greece, in 2007. After seven years, she is back in Romania, and now lives and works in Brasov. Her first book, How To Promote and Market Your Book explores how Marketing and PR can differentiate an author from others in attracting and retaining more readers.

Recently she released a new book, a totally different genre.Little Martians Learn to Count by Madi Preda encompass the skills required for preschool and kindergarten.The book is focused at achieving the children development through eye-catching images.This book was designed to help parents and teachers plan the lessons in a funny way so children will be more inclined to do extra-curricular work in class or at home.In addition, worksheets can be created in concordance with what children should learn in preschool and kindergarten, in order to attract and make it easy for kids to learn and achieve certain objectives.
My Review

Author Madi Preda has succeeded in penning a great children's book. She shows her creativity and imagination as she takes her young readers into the realm of numbers.

Learning numbers can be complicated for wee ones.  Most can learn to count quite quickly, but applying an understanding to what each of those numbers means can take some time and practice. 

Little Martians Learn to Count is a fun way of helping kids not only to count but also write/draw the  numbers.  Each number is described  in a very suggestive rhymed stanza. The eye catching, funny  images will surely attract children  of preschool and kindergarten. Fun pictures always make a lesson sink in better.

The many charming, colorful illustrations move along beautifully with the rhythm of the stanzas. Children usually enjoy rhyming books. I think any kid would love to learn the numbers with this book.

Little Martians Learn to Count colorful booklet is an excellent extra- curricular material for  parents and teachers both at school and also at home.  

Highly recommended.

                                                           My rating


  1. How delightful! I adore the title and the idea. I would have so loved to have a book like this as a kid. The Martians would have definitely made it entertaining, LOL. Congrats Madi, and good luck!

    1. Yes, the new generations of kids benefit from the spectacular evolution of techniques in all fields, books included.
      Thank you for visiting!

  2. This is a wonderful idea--unique and appealing. My two Snickerdoodles are just a little too old for the book, as they are already in primary school. I have shared the title around for other parents and grammies. I am delighted to learn of another author from your country. What a lovely name--Madi.

    1. Thank you, Flossie!
      It's indeed a nice booklet for younger kids.

  3. This is a lovely eye catching and cute idea. I think the small fry will love it.

    1. I totally agree with you, Daisy. As a teacher I can tell you that children are attracted to bright, colorful books. Thanks for visiting!


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