March 8, 2015

Mysterious Romania (IX) Romanian Spring Traditions

I hope you won’t be disappointed as  you can’t read the post on my blog. I am visiting today, hosted by another lovely author: MCV Egan.
We are at the beginning of March, a month with changing weather and full of traditions here, in Romania.  And this is what she invited me to speak about - spring traditions.  Here is the link for my post:

   It's about Old Women's Days, that last from 1st to 9th March.
Of course, it’s a further opportunity to advertise my paranormal romance Shadows of the Past. If you hop by you will find out how many glasses of wine are men allowed to drink tomorrow, what do women prepare and what is the meaning of 9th of March where I live.
Before going to her blog, let me wish all women authors, readers, fans 
                                Happy Women's Day!

                                        Wishing you a day as beautiful as you are!


  1. I did read the post and its a fascinating one. Such depth of tradition is something I find very interesting. I loved the 44 glasses of wine. I hope the glasses are small or the men will be very wobbly at the end. :-) I can't comment on the post itself with wordpress.

    1. Oh, thank you Daisy, for visiting both blogs!
      Yes, I also hope women find a way to offer the smallest possible glasses to save their men the embarrassment of wobbling along the road. BIG GRIN.

  2. Happy Women's Day, Carmen! I left you on a comment on the other blog about your folklore post. Loved it!!!

    1. Thank you, Mae! You are so kind.
      I read and replied already to it.


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