June 11, 2016

Reviews (XXIX) First Review Till Life Do Us Part

Till Life Do Us Part is a paranormal tale that investigates the power, passion, and problems associated with reincarnation. It is a compelling read and one I enjoyed. Ms. Stefanescu weaves a tale linking past and present laced with trauma, powerful love, deep emotions both good and bad, and leads the reader on a journey of many discoveries. The story is a wonderful mixture of events in the lives of several characters interlinked by the process of reincarnation. Such is the power of the writing I was never confused as to who or when things happened. 

The characters walk the pages of this book with powerful individualities and evoke a strong response in the reader. This is not always a gentle story but remains strong all the way through. The situations in the contemporary section are very realistic and more than once I was on the edge of my seat wondering how things would pan out. The historic elements of the story are well shown and offer glimpses of a time when the world was very different from the one we know.
All in all I enjoyed this tale. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a story that will sweep them away into another time and place, and offer them glimpses of the sheer strength of love.

British author Daisy Banks


  1. Congrats on the review, Carmen! I agree wholeheartedly with Daisy. TILL LIFE DO US PART was a wonderful read I greatly enjoyed!

    1. Thank you, Mae!
      Till Life Do Us Part the same as Shadows of the Past are so dear to me.


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