June 15, 2016

Reviews (XXXI)

Till Life Do Us Part received another awesome review from USA bestselling author Mae Clair.
 Here it is:

A compelling novel that delves into the arena of past life regression and reincarnation. The author has put an original twist on the subject of souls crossing decades, even centuries. Barbara Heyer is gifted with the ability to communicate with spirits of the departed. But when her brother is suspected of murdering his girlfriend, Barbara’s life careens with others in ways she never expected—particularly when handsome detective Patrick Fisher is assigned to the case.

Barbara Heyer main character
The author deftly juggles multiple storylines and plots throughout this engaging novel—Barbara and Patrick, a young girl named Catherine who knows far more than possible for her age, a doomed centuries-old love affair, and deceptive dealings in Patrick’s police department. Part murder mystery, part romance, and part supernatural journey, TILL LIFE DO US PART is a book filled with multiple twists, turns, and surprising revelations. The author’s take on reincarnation is uniquely presented and richly rewarding for the reader.

When the book shifts in time, you are transported to another age, as vividly realized as present day in the author’s capable hands. The historical setting is superb, a time when just whispers of witchcraft could send someone to the stake. Tie all of these elements together for an explosive finish in the present day, and you have a riveting story that stays with you long after you close the cover.
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  1. Wonderful review of Carmen's book, Mae. I can't wait to sink my teeth in it!

    1. I can't wait to hear your opinion on this take on reincarnation, Flossie!

    2. You'll really enjoy it, Flossie. I especially love what she did with the regression and reincarnation angle!

  2. Thanks for a highly engrossing story, Carmen. It was my pleasure to review TILL LIFE DO US PART!

    1. I am so glad to hear you enjoyed it, Mae!
      Thank you!

  3. Wow! Fantastic review. Congratulations, Carmen.


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